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!! OMG, he’s doing the gayest thing ever: Jake Gyllenhaal !!

I don’t think I ever reported back after seeing Dreamgirls, but OMG it was amazing, I loved it. Jennifer Hudson was a force. But she may have some competition from the unlikeliest of places: Jake Gyllenhaal did a mean “Effie White” on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.
Compare and contrast Jake’s performance with that of the great Miss Jennifer Holliday, and decide for yourself who is really the Queen of Soul.

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    Even though Jake was doing this as a satire, he acutally has a decent sounding voice.

    This was hysterical! Jake has such a nice body – OOOOH – those arms! *YUMMY*. I’d do him – with or without the wig. 😉


    All I got when I clicked on the youtube video was a sign that said “This video is no longer available.”

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