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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Heath Ledger !!

I’m sure you all remember those Brokeback Mountain outtakes that showed Heath Ledger running naked. They were sort of titillating, but ultimately, because of the pose, his body and wiener looked a little too weird for the photos to be genuinely sexy.
And so I bring you these stills from his new film Candy, where he plays a junkie. In general I find cowboys to be sexier than junkies, but Heath does a great job of looking ill and really hot at the same time. Look at the photos and video clip after the jump if you don’t believe me [NSFW].
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Click to enlarge. View video clip here.
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    Yeah … naked gay cowboys are so much hotter than naked gay junkies. I mean, we’ve ALL seen those, right!?
    But it’s naked Heath … and I still give you full props for making my day!

    He has a cute bum.

    This is absolutely nothing sexy about Heath in these photos. Sorry.

    Nah too pasty, too soft for my tastes. Even in Brokeback it did not do a thing for me. Now Jake………

    A 28 year old father has just died. When did we loose all respect for anything and each other?

    The pictures should be taken down out of respect for his family, friends, and fans!

    His face shows ability and willing to be weak and open in front of people to tell a beautiful story. I don’t think this is ugly at all, it’s a human in his natural skin. I think he is beautiful.
    I love heath and i am sad that he’s gone, i do think his family would like these off. but how dare anyone to say he is ugly, he is a rare find in the whole world, true talent.

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