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!! OMG, he’s naked: Johnny Galecki !!

To wrap up the former-child-star theme I’ve been going with this week, guess who’s decided to show the full monty in the currently running play The Little Dog Laughed? One of his early roles was Clarke Griswold’s son Russ in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (which is my favorite Christmas movie ever), and he later played Darlene’s boyfriend David on Roseanne.
Johnny Galecki is his name, and he has a huge thing between his legs. So huge, in fact, that it has startled audiences. See if after the jump [NSFW].

(Thanks to Clinton for the photo!)

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    always thought he was so cute, but never knew he was the kid from the christmas vacation movie.. and very impressive.

    great actor
    awesome dick
    jack jett

    I’d enjoy taking on him and Mr. Pintauro at the same time.

    Honey, he is a Christmas Vacation!

    Doesn’t look all that big to me, maybe I’m spoiled.

    Always thought that he would be perfect boyfriend material now he will be awesome sexual material. Great combination.

    I saw this play a few months ago – and that pic doesn’t do his dick justice… must’ve been a cold night in the theater. And the other man in the pic is Tom Everett Scott (of ‘That Thing You Do’) showing off his lovely ass.

    Does anyone have pics of Tom Everett Scott’s cock? THOSE I’d REALLY like to see!!!!

    Nice size cock 4 sure! 2 bad its so unclear as he looks uncut,but here’s hopin he’s not! I liked him on Roseanne,I wanted 2 do him & his Bro 2gether! Yummy!!!!

    Yekimi….If that softie looks little to you, you are indeed “spoiled”….IMO….{:>)

    Saw this play Saturday. He is cut and the picture doesn’t do him justice. Tom Everett Scott is smaller than Johnny–and I don’t mean in height.

    Saw the play several times, Johnny is VERY uncut. Friends who sat in the balcony mentioned they didn’t need binoculars to see Johnny’s big, er…”talent” either.
    But Julie is the star and runs away with this show. Let’s see if she’s remembered, come Tony Awards time.

    OMG his dick is huge!! I have always thought he was sooo hot. He looks uncut in the photo. Does anybody have a more clear pic?

    all i can say is wow!

    Whoa he’s HUGE! I’d love to see it erect! I’ve always wanted to see him nude so thank you!! I was about 12 when when I feel for him on Roseanne (though Roseanne had been over about 5 years by then XD).

    Su pene debe medir entre 13 y 15 centimetros.uhmmm que rico, yo quiero eso!!!!!!se me hace agua a la boca

    I think you should measure your dick .. sorry I’m used to measure in centimeters (12 cm-without erection) I found this very well .. haha. I have to add that it is a man with biggggg balls. It is something so very appealing.

    A mi tambien, no se porque algunos dicen que no es tan grande, cuando de hecho es grande en comparacion a la mayoria. Tiene una verga de buen tamaño, pienso que se ve linda Xd
    ya me calente ;)))

    A mi tambien me parece linda su polla, no se, se me hace deliciosa :@
    Me imagino que con tremendas bolas, llenas de lechita caliente, llenara completamente a su mujer. pense que el podia ser gay, pero no lo es
    Es una pena, yo queria una oportundad, pero no 🙁

    Question: is CUT or UNCUT? 😛

    Personally believe johnny is HOTTTT hes got a huge cock. i want it in my mouth with his hot milk spiling everywhere! im horny

    “Uncut”? You mean “Intact” – he’s not “un-” anything – his penis is in the natural state, after all…
    But yeah, VERY nice! Any chance of a pic of his butt? 😉

    I would SO have gay sex with Johnny Galecki – he’s so hot & now I’ve seen his cock & balls… just WOW! Anyone got any pictures of his naked butt?

    I would so suck his big balls dry!

    I would drain his big balls dry.

    what movie is this from…..does anyone know?

    Apparently none of you have seen very many penises. He’s clearly not ‘hard’ in this picture. I know guys who have penises that look like that, but that doesn’t guarantee that it’s going to be 9+ inches when it’s hard.


    My god, are you people.for real? Firstly, Johnny galecki was born in Belgium, so just from that fact we know he is uncut. Secondly, that may be a big dick for a guy who stands about 5,4′, 5,5′, but it is by no means huge. C’mon people, be realistic here!


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