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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Robbie Williams !!

If seeing Robbie Williams in a cheap wig isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather see him in all his furry, naked glory? Reader Clinton sent me some awesome outtakes from his music video for his song “Rock DJ” (watch it above). The stills are taken right after the point where he takes off his underwear and right before he starts tearing off his skin. Impeccable, and NSFW of course. See them after the jump.

Click to enlarge.

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    That’s hot – nice body and furry is SEXY!
    He should be totally cool with being naked.

    I would love to clean his kitchen!

    Grower, much?

    Unfortunately, those are well-made fakes. There was a “making-of” special for this video, and he was never completely nude.

    Wow, those are kinda shocking! I always thought he was wearing some sort of thong in the vid! He seems a little bit average but I absolutely love hairy guys!

    He’s a cutie. Clothed or naked! Great voice too. Don’t know what does not click in the states.

    These do look fake to me.


    they’re confirmed fake. I’ve seen them before.

    I really don’t care if the d**k shots are fake. That gorgeous chest hair’s enuf to get me rock(dj)hard!

    i don’t know what you beleive,but i think he’s REALLY ***HOT***.
    I wish someday to see him from close,and then i’ll tell you whethere they are fake or not.
    kisses from greece!

    he is so yummie i wanna suck that big dick i will let him clean my chimany any day lol

    Frank … video not available anymore?

    Sorry about that… It’s back now!

    hi i think this video rocks and i love seeing him naked

    i’ve always thought that he was hot, but now i’ve seen his cock i just want to fuck him more than ever. he can rock my dj any day.

    Tiny dick. Soz.

    Ooh, he’s so HOT even he’s not naked. But, Thank GOD for making him a bad boy, so he can do a lot crazy thing like that. Just wait and see…
    For now, I just want to cum his dick and fuck his ass as hard as I can
    Huh, imagining it made me so tired

    What a hottie!!!

    ohhh he is so fuckin hot i can masturb always with this photo

    OMG fit dick even if it is tiny


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