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!! OMG, how rock’n’roll: Celine Dion !!

Have you ever seen Celine Dion do air guitar? In six inch heels? And sorceress sleeves? Then you must watch this video of Celine and someone named “Anastacia” shitting all over AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.” (via Feyfriends)




    I’m not sure if that just MADE my day… or RUINED it entirely.

    This is from Diva’s Live and I agree that Celine slaughters this song. Here is more about Anastacia, who doesn’t get here due in North America: http://www.anastacia.com/

    This looks like something generated by a drunk computer.

    thanks, this was the most awesomely bad thing i’ve seen all week!

    how do you not know who anastacia is she is awesome

    I was too mesmorized by thier equally horrific outfits to even deal with the performance, but i’m sure i’ll feel the effects of that when i least expect it.

    I thought it was good. I guess to each his own, right?

    Ok, seriously … how can any gay man not know who Anastacia is … or not know that this is from the Divas Live special from a few years ago?
    Clearly, if you don’t know Anastacia, you never went to Boots … have never been to Woodys … or partied at Fly, 5ive, or anywhere else in TO.

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