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!! OMG, the future: Hover scooters !!

Right after I saw Back to the Future II was when I started thinking seriously about hovercraft. Of course, it would take an eight-year-old kid to think seriously about something so far-fetched, right?
Actually there is a consumer-level hovercraft available right now, and even though it’s really expensive and can only go 15mph, it seems pretty fun, and above all, revolutionary! The levitating hover scooter can only go up minor inclines and if you hover over some debris, you might clatter to the ground, but it’s still pretty awesome.
You can purchase one of these sporty red things from Hammacher Schlemmer for the bargain price of $17,000. It operates for an hour on a full tank of gas, so that’s another expense to add in, but how can you even put a price on the arrival of the Future? (via Attuworld)

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