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!! Watch ‘No Night Is Too Long’ for free !!

A reader tipped me off that the made-for-TV gay suspense thriller No Night is Too Long is available to watch in its entirety on Google Video, so I watched it while I ate my breakfast this weekend, hoping maybe to see a flash of lead actor Lee Williams‘s buttcheek (which I did and more!), but the movie was actually good in its own right. A couple of the plot twists could have been handled with more grace by the director, but the story in general is clever and the acting is great. Plus I should mention that you get to see sexy androgyne model-turned-actor Lee Williams have homosex (several times).
Watch No Night is Too Long on Google Video here.

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    subtitles in spanish for this film please?

    This was a fantastic thriller/romance in every respect. I was captivated by the entire film. Thanks.

    That movie was great! And what a hot cast.
    Needs a videogame and Happy Meal tie-in.

    interesting movie, thanks for posting it…
    sad, but like others a little turned on.

    i’ve read the book, which is excellent. all of the barbara vine mysteries tend to have a little bit of gayness to them, some, like this one, more than others.

    Ok, did I seriously just spend the last hour & forty-five minutes AT WORK watching that movie online!?
    I’m a little tired now. And a little turned on. And I’d really like a cigarette.

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