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!! OMG, he’s naked (again): Gael Garcia Bernal !!

Hey everybody, sorry for my little absence. Things are going to be a bit slow around here for the next week or so while I’m away. I promise to bring you some nice tidbits, though, such as Gael Garcia Bernal‘s sexy butt (and more), which I’ve brought you before, but can you ever really have enough?
See a clip and stills from his film The Science of Sleep after the jump [NSFW].
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Click to enlarge. Watch the clip here.
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    First off, TSOS is a great movie. I saw it in theaters and loved it.
    And then I felt horrible for thinking, “Wonder when those stills will show up on OMGBlog…”

    not really that impressed… thought it would be bigger… but one things for sure… he has great legs.

    hey he aint that bad looking you know i have a boyfriend that looks like him and he’s afraid to let me touch him! but when i do it’s aswome…..any who he’s really like……..OMG!!!!!

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