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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, how naughty: Oscar parties !!

From The NY Daily News:
* Which coked-up, oversexed celeb, not previously linked with guys, gave a pleasant surprise to a visiting gay New Yorker in the backyard of a pre-Oscars party in l.A. Friday night?
* Which two male TV actors (one of whom is married) were making out in the bathroom of the Vanity Fair Oscars party Sunday night?
(via ONTD)
UPDATE: For some clues to the subjects of these blind items, check out these photos from the Vanity Fair 2007 Oscars party. Keep those guesses coming…

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    Um… Who was it?

    The two TV actors:
    Matt Dallas/Wentworth Miller and Freddie Prinze?

    Wentworth wasn’t at the Vanity Fair party … *sigh*
    Milo Ventimiglia was there … which makes me a little moist.

    Ok, after looking at the guest list, I have determined the two in the bathroom to be Jeff Gordon and John Travolta. Vroooom.
    As far as the oversexed, coked up one, was Tom Sizemore in town?

    WHO WHO ???!???!
    John Travolta is not TV star despite being a closet gayer

    Whats the point in teasing us with a news bulliten & not dish the dirt with names? Wheres the proof,any fotos,eyewitness reports & if its true,just say so,its not criminal 2 tell the truth! Im so bored with all these closeted Hollywood celebs! Come out,come out wherever u are!!!

    i hear it was william shatner
    and dr. phil.
    jack jett

    My guess is:
    Peter Sarsgaard and James Franco.

    the coked-up one…robert downey jr?

    when people write blogs like this i stop reading them for a month and yes i just started reading again guess i’ll come back in a month to see if the school girl chatter is over

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