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!! Oprah still speaks to Tom Cruise !!

(Click to enlarge. Image Source)
Here is the photo evidence that Oprah did not blacklist Tom Cruise after his couch-jumping episode on her show. It is also evidence that Oprah makes liberal use of the airbrush.

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    I have TOTALLY crossed Tom Cruise OFF my list of actors I EVER want to see again. The guy is a TOTAL DICK!!!!! He is so full of himself and full of SHIT!! Katie, honey, GET YOURSELF A REALLY, REALLY GOOD LAWYER!!! Run, Katie, RUN!! DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!

    Tom Cruise is a homophobic, arrogant AAAAASSSSSSHOLE!!!!
    I’m surprised she would want to talk to that egotistical, controlling, monumental DICKHEAD!!
    I’m also surprised he’s not out practicing medicine without a licence. After all, isn’t he an “expert” in psychiatry?

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