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!! Xtina’s new single: ‘Candyman’ !!

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Christina Aguilera‘s retro-sounding song about a man with a great big candy cane in his pants is not the best nor the most original song on her “Back to Basics” album, and I was confused for exactly one second about why her team would have chosen it to be the next single until I realized that Xtina has been dreaming of having her picture taken in a sexy bugle boy outfit for probably her entire life, and this was her one chance.

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    and that was all your review??? how imbecil…you could’ve said something about the music, the vocals, anything else…you think she is the nasty singing that, but it’s you, only talking about the “cane”

    Hot, I know everyone thinks she is a tramp. But I think she is sexy. Maybe it is my inner gay slut lol.

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