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!! Are you smarter than a fifth grader? !!

Fox has debuted a new show last night that had the best premiere ever since 1998. It’s called Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, a title that by itself sounds very promising.
The show quizzes adults with questions every fifth grader would know, and when they answer incorrectly they are ridiculed by children and the rest of America.
Despite annoying host Jeff Foxworthy, the show still sounds like a winner to me! Now if only I could watch it… The things you miss when you move to Canada.

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    Hey, I’m in Canada too. Fox and Global air the show right after American Idol. And it’s as bad as it sounds1

    you CAN watch it here! i live in Toronto, and i watched it the first night and taped it last night. it’s pretty funny how dumb these folks are, but Foxworthy shouldn’t quit his dayjob… he’s not that great as a host.

    you can watch it frank…i caught the end of it the other night and i only have rabbit ears…no cable necessary!

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