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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he was naked: Colin Farrell !!

They are a bit old, but I figure some of you never saw these stills from the Colin Farrell sex tape. Plus reader Clinton sent me this beautiful, hi-res collage that he made. How could I not put it up? See naked Colin Farrell in all his randy glory after the jump [very NSFW].
UPDATE: We now have the video after the jump [NSFW].
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Click to enlarge.
Watch the Colin Farrell/Nicole Narain sex tape:

Download the video

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    Hi… I did see these before but, never get tired of looking at them… I have always had a crush on him… what a nice unit, huh? lol Anyone agree? Sexy in a dirty kind of way…

    a very big dick

    Yes… but the question is.. how do we get a hold of this sex tape!

    Wow wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of that piece of meat. he is so damn sexy. i would let him take me anywhere anytime anyhow. q

    My yes! He can get completely filthy with me.

    ilove natural and he is intact and it is hard a good thing all around and how nice not overly large too big no fun he is just right

    I saw the entire vid over at pornotube. He looks a lot like Charles Manson. All that’s missing is the swastica carved into his forehead. Scary. I hear Manson has a big dick too.

    Periodcaly I have to look at these pics of Colin and those Balcony picks of Brad Pitt just to enjoy that hotness on a reg basis. Thank god for the internet that we can see real naked male celebrities. Now if Jake Gyllenhaul would just accidently give up the goods for me.

    Mmm … what a huge cock! Would love to suck on it til he cums

    Man, if he didn’t smoke like a chimney (smoking affects the taste of a man’s cum, and I bet he smells like stale smoke 24/7), I’d be all over him in a heartbeat!

    me encanta colin es bello

    What?! You got pics of brad on his balcony? I thought those weren’t released.

    oh my god just heard about this whole collin sex scandel… cant believe i missed the tape… collin is my all time hottests celeb ever….really need a copy of that tape and i would never be alone again, sad i know but does anybody know how i could get my hands on it… sticky finger.

    OOOOOOO, I luv Colin! He is the sexiest man alive!

    Now I angry, look they had sex tape Wwwhhy did he it. Cause he is bad could go hell but, no no way save mind he need to learning his stop fuck I don’t know how I feel … I can’t hate him Its kill my heart so hurt really badly. I hate see he lick her pussy that stupid asshole. I want to boxing beat to his ex-girlfriend. Eeee

    Uau!!!!! I love this guy, he is my favorite actor and I’m look for a long time this video, gracias, espero que puedan mandarmelo a mi correo electronico AMO a colin,thank you.

    oh god id ride that cock so good will make my cunt come so good im playing with my pussy just thinking about his long cock n my hungry white cunt mmmmmmm i came all over myself just for him ohhhhhh yeaaaaaa!!!!! OH OH SSSSS MMMM GOOD ASS COCK~~~~~CUNTGIRL69 better remember that

    id like that cock deep n my ass

    i would suck that all night long

    Hate to tell all you fantasy people out there. What he’s got is NOT “well hung”. He looks fairly average or MAYBE SLIGHTLY above average. “Well hung” is 10″ not 7″.

    Well, ncgrreybr it might not be big to you or I. However, to most of the world is used to seeing, and working with below average weiners. I think it would look better(and possibly bigger) if he whacked off some of that overgrown bush. There is WAY too much goin on down there. Even the girl spends most of time spitting it out.

    big deal HE HAS SEX omfg just like all your parents and one day maybe u will too, even if it costs ya…his cock is average, but still hot bc its his

    never seen a pussy have to be pinched before!Damn how loose was she?


    this is really Hot
    I Love Collin
    he’s cute and fine lol


    ok,his dicks big,ive had bigger n better! Whats the dumb bitch doin watchin tv when that cocks there,catchin up on her soaps? Who the hell taught her 2 give head,Maggie Simpson? Whats she doin gettin fucked without a condom? Who knows what disease he has,he fucks anything that moves!Girls stick 2 shopping n leave the BJs 2 us guys!!! Next!


    ahhhh.that is so hottttt…collin is so sexy and his cock so yam big hot and nice I just cum twice just when I see his cock

    Anca Paladian is much better

    I just want to say that I was Colin girlfriend in 2005 and that I am more beautiful than Nicole Narain. I also make love much better than Nicole Narain.

    nice but have sex with men to god.

    i would take colin farll up my mangina bareback xxx

    colin must have beer googles on. she is sooo ugly, scary spice looking, bad bj givin ho. colin likes to split dark oak for some nigger juice

    Very Nice. I admit that she needs better technique but just the sight of CF is enough to rate the video a good 8 out of 10!!!!

    I can tell she’s gonna be the walking STD


    this cant be him!
    watch properly. listen to his accent.. its not him.. its jzt a lucky jerk hu looks lyk him.. & she’s a walkin STD =]


    i’d let collin do me alot harder than that.

    That dick is BIG! far from average

    Good looking, rich and famous and a fat cock ,some people have all the look

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the videos to play? Neither will play for me at all.

    dude why is his house or wherever he is staying so dirty? cant he afford maids?

    oh my god i love his dick i want to suck it


    i can not see this

    I would love to suck colin farrell’s cock and suck all of the cum out of his cock and swallow it.Then take it up my ass, and shoot a load in me.

    guess the vid isn’t working any longer …or is it just me. what do I need to do?

    wow wow

    I like colin farrel

    que cagada

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the videos to play? Neither will play for me at all.

    It’s not small… but it’s not that big.

    Where the little Colin poster is on the far right, he looks like he’s getting boinked in the butt, ewwwww!!!! He’s not that big, but he’s bigger than Brad Pitt.

    Hello. You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.
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    Thanks :-). Jabilo.

    He has a very nice penis. It’s the perfect length and thickness. Very nice shape too. 😛

    he looks really,really boring in bed,like a couple old married people and hes not that big just like a lot of other guys and he needs to cut his nails thats nasty.

    Es muy bueno exelente. de lo mejor, pero quiciera ver mas actores y famosos en videos desnudos y bellos, pero no tengo dinero si, pues……….

    his dick is like my boyfriend’s… the right thickness and lenght. yummy

    Nice Penis Colin Farrel

    omg coling has to do me now…. i want his dick on my dick. rubbing it. frotting me.. mmmmmm

    so he was deffinitley high during this

    Well this has ruined my wet dream of Colin Farrell, what a coked up bore of a fuck

    Colin farrell is so fucking hot I would love to have my way with him his penis is perfect

    muy bueno…. y si consiguen las fotos de chris brown desnudoo mucho mejorrr jejejeje

    its first time i can tel that this guy is hot (am a straight guy thou)

    Here are my thoughts:
    1. She seems so.. Not into It.
    Of course, If I where in the same situation, I would be doing some long division in my head while I tried to figure out the probability of catching an STD from him.
    And.. Those chances are pretty good.
    2. isn’t there something called an irish man’s curse? I though those fellas where not well hung..
    3. She was moaning an vibrating a little to early in the video- I call fake orgasm on this!

    il take it if she dont want it hes hot

    Fala sério!!! Essa mulher é muito ruim de foda, se eu pegasse o Colin Farrel ia foder muito com ele.

    Her feet are hideous and HUGE!!

    RELATED: Colin Farrell nude in Ask the Dust


    Hasn’t Colin heard of “manscaping”? That “bush” is in need of serious trimming!

    Hasn’t Colin heard of “manscaping”? That “bush” needs a really good trimming!

    at least his shit was better that kim and ray j’s tape…. DARKNESS EVERYWHERE!!!

    Colin,is a stud,i love his hairy crotch,he is a man, and doesn;t need to shave,I could suck his big dick fro hours.

    I want to sleep with you Collin Farrell

    why cant i see the sex tape ??

    Farell is a real man, real men have hairy bollocks. and do not shavb their pubes, only really effeminate queens shave their pubes and honestly is repulsive. ALso pathetic men with tiny dicks do it to make their dicks look bigger.

    Colin has a big, fat uncut cock,in the Nicole Narain tape foreskin was retracted, in “Alexander you see the uncut one in splendor!

    melissamm Eww sounds gross.
    I hope not!

    If anyone believes that these pics are real,you are done dumb Mutha×××××××.

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