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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jonathan Goodwin !!

Known in the UK as “The Escapologist,” hunky Brit Jonathan Goodwin may not have made a big splash Stateside yet, but I think he will, if not for his Houdini-like talent for escaping bonds, then for that big thing dangling between his legs. See it after the jump in a clip and still [NSFW].

UPDATE: The images and video have been removed per the polite request of Jonathan Goodwin.

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    Nice. Now show us some Chriss Angel.

    damn..thats nice long cock! Id like to suck that off in a heart beat….i wanna see how big it can get!i say 8.5-9?

    Wow… that is nice…. wish mine looked like that.. I would be dancing on a box.. yahoo

    the guy on he’s knees putting chains on him is his dad

    damn… already down.. anyone save them and care to forward? mudguy2003@hotmail.com

    I missed them to but would love to see.. anyone else care to forward? TRG1775@aol.com

    could anybody send this to me? barish_abuch@hotmail.com
    I can even pay for it 😀

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