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!! OMG, how naturally fresh: Massengill !!

I remember when my mom and I had this talk. (via Feyfriends and poeTV)




    NOthing like a good douche!

    they look like they’re going to start making out or something…

    I suddenly began thinking about this commercial in the shower last night and nearly slipped and fell, I was laughing so hard. I can’t get over the end when she brushes the hair out of her daughter’s face and says, “You’ll see how clean and fresh Massengill makes you feel!” and then the daughter snuggles into her shoulder. SO FUCKING BIZARRE!
    What’s with all the inter-generational feminine hygiene commercials from the 80s? Why was it such a hard sell for older women to use shit like that? You have to find the Brenda Vaccaro tampon ads, Andrea Martin did a hilarious parody on SCTV.

    LMFAO! Mom….seeing these snail marks in the sand and feeling These massive waves lapping at our feet reminds me that I wanted to ask you something?
    Do you clean YOUR barnacle encrusted cooch?

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