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!! OMG, remember this: Jade’s Covergirl commercial !!

When YouTube deleted the account of Rich over at Fourfour, the Internet lost some of its great treasures, including the above video. In my opinion, it is among the top moments in reality television history.
Watch Jade from Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model try to “improvise” her way through a Covergirl commercial. In a word, the results are wonderful-fabulous.

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    “heeey girls!….wonderful, fabulous…ummm”
    way to party, Jade. way to party.

    Ha! God, I loved this chick. I’m glad she didn’t win, but I loved every second she was on the show crazying up the place.
    “This is not ‘America’s Next Top Best Friend!'” Priceless. Somebody get her on the Surreal Life!


    dang, and she’s not even remotely attractive either! no brains, no looks, zip, zero, nada … how’d she EVER get on TV?

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