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!! OMG, the fanfare: Juan Gabriel !!

I am so grateful that Laura sent me this video of Mexican singing sensation Juan Gabriel in concert, because now I finally know what she’s been going on and on about as long as I can remember.
Not only can Mr. Gabriel sing and emote with the best of them, his fey dance moves cannot be rivalled!

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    Wow… this guy is gaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! His dancing made me horny.. His jacket is fab… 3 snaps for him

    Love her! She was in Houston doing a concert not so long ago and Ms Thing danced herself right off the stage. She bruised her tailbone but was fine. I know that video is somewhere online.

    I’ve seen him in concert twice and he does put on a great show. He is the most famous singer/songwriter in the spanish speaking world and despite being such a big queen he is loved by all the macho men in Mexico. This is a very old video, he is quite middle aged and fat now.

    What’s the song? CD?

    he is not a sensation he is like liberacci or whatever his songs arent even that famous

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