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!! Reporter falls while stomping grapes !!

Someone in comments yesterday mentioned this clip, where a show-off reporter falls off the platform while stomping grapes, and crushes her larynx or something. The pitiful sounds she makes are both cringeworthy and (I’m ashamed to admit) darned funny, but not as funny as the reaction of her comrades back at the station.
Cat claws reporter’s face
Cockroach vs. Weatherman




    not at all funny

    hah! you put it up. I love your blog man, keep it coming. Michael

    Jesus Christ, that’s horrific. I can’t help but empathize with these reporters. Granted it’s their job, but you get sent out on these shitty fluff assignments to pay your dues and wind up getting clawed at by some rabid cat that nobody wants or falling on your face. I think TV news editors have to look at these clips and ask, ‘was it worth it?’ In both cases the story was a total bullshit, time-filler.

    God, her coworkers didn’t seem like they were concerned at all.

    That gurgling spastic larnyx-uvula sound is horrific. LOL. Why were they up on a platform in the first place? And then the 2 anchors were like morning coffee w/Will Ferrell & Cheri Oteri safe in a studio on their couch.

    That sand filled bottom reporter won an over night stay at a nearby hospital. I wonder if anyone had the ballz to visit her in her room and offer her some grapes.
    I must be a sadist cuz I’m rolling.

    When she said she couldn’t breathe I totaly LOST it…

    I laugh harder everytime I watch it. I’m going to hell – come join me. That is some f-ing funny shit.

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