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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: David Beckham !!

I don’t guarantee this is real, but I can’t spot any Photoshopping. His tattoos are all there, the pose is vaguely “artistic.” Could this be an outtake from one of those “beautiful men” coffee table books?
Whatever it is, it’s nice to see superstar footballer David Beckham standing in full naked glory. See for yourself after the jump [NSFW].

(Image Source)
For all you naysayers, he has done this sort of thing before:

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    eeewww! he’s uncut! gross!

    Thanks. I’ve always thought he was one of the handsomest men around.

    EEEEEEW Troyboy….Get over it! Most men in the world are not circumcised…That is the natural way men are made….If you like yours cut, fine, but lots of people, including me, no doubt disagree with you……broaden your horizons a little……
    And whatever you do, avoid travelling in Europe and Asia…You probably won’t like the locals. {;>o

    I think it’s a FAKE. But if its really him than I LIKE IT!
    FU troyboy get a life


    Look at his feet and legs!
    It looks like he has gangrene

    it’s been PSed
    So Obvious
    What’s wrong with an uncut penis. I think it’s pretty

    duh, uncut… he is BRITISH!

    Yeah he’s uncut, he’s British – they tend to be. Not that gross if you ask me.

    I dont care if he’s uncut or not…All I have to say is FINALLY! And he has nothing to be ashamed about. He should have gone full frontal long ago!

    i dont know the head doesn’t do it for me. I’d say fake

    Dont hate, uncut is better, and more fun….im pissed my parents cut me.

    Well, of course he is uncut you FOOL! Where did you think he was from?
    He is amazing! Skeletor Spice sure has one HOT man!!

    That’s DB’s body double–so the photo is REAL, it’s just not the real Beckham. Just like the photos from a few years back of him on the bed with the jeans. you know what i’m talking about.

    Sorry, I hate to burst your bubbles here, but it is fake.

    Why does his feet look so gross? they are either really hairy, or dirty , or something..? lol
    But, uncut or not his cock is a nice size though.


    Hips don’t line up
    Thights are not the same
    Cock is too big (and of course someone in the limelight as him they are going to over do it on the cock size)
    I also agree with the feet…
    Uncut cock is the best cock!

    He should keep his cloths on, he looks alot better that way. Sure he is inshape, but he sort of is sickly looking. What is up with the redish legs and feet?

    This one is difinitely real. Years ago, he posed naked for a series of fotos, but this one was not surfaced due to religious issues (he was posing as son of Jesus in this picture). Some thought the tatoo didn’t match, it’s simply because this picture was taken years ago, when he didn’t have that many at all. And yes, it’s true he is UNCUT like every other British guy. But IMO, his foreskin is a little bit too long.

    Another thing, for the thigh you guys mentioned, notice these pictures are not shot from the same angle, they always look thicker from the side, not front. These 2 pictures were taken on the same set.

    What’s more, usually the fake pictures tend to use cut penis instead of uncut penis, this is a very clear sign.

    he’s not very big..

    The tattoos are badly photoshopped. I mean, come on, look at them! Despite the fact that he had less tattoos a few years ago, they look so unreal and “plastic”!

    This is so fake. You can tell by the color and pixel differences between his face and his crotch.
    I think if David Beckham was really nude, then the British Media would be all over it.
    Plus, people that tend to be that pretty are usually way smaller.

    So very fake!!!

    From every photo I’ve seen of his crotch he is cut, and if you look closely you can see the dick is hanging too low, he’s not that old, hell I’m 39 and my dick isn’t even that far from my bellybutton.

    when oscar de la hoya’s frontals at the weigh ins appeared years ago, many said it was fake. Then mr de la hoya himself said it was real. so many sceptics out there! it may be because it’s too good to be true. the man that most of us had wanked over at some horny point in our disbelieving lives has finally been revealed. it looks pretty credible to me that it’s beckham. anyway, even if it’s a fake, it must not be far from the truth. from his speedo pics, he’s about that size. so let’s just enjoy it.

    For the fellow who says “He’s not very big.” Put down the DVD and step away from the porn.
    Seriously, if it’s real, then he’s above average. Perhaps not huge, but that a-okay by me. Plus, it’s flaccid, he could also be a grower.

    If this is a fake. Where is the real photo?

    Whats up with those Fred Flintstone feet? Also he’s the most groomed man on the planet, don’t you think he would at least trim his pubes?

    Anybody notice that his legs are shaved in the b/w photo and not in the other? If they were taken on the same set, it wasn’t the same day. Or else he had someone shave his legs…

    What’s with the colour of his lower legs and feet? They photoshopped the legs of an Hispanic or black man onto his upper body. The lower body belongs to someone who posed in the same studio. Good job of it but I say fake.

    there is a god! oh my god.

    He is known to like the ‘clean-shaven’/waxed look.
    Too much hair

    Sorry guys, it’s definately a fake. As much as I wish it wasn’t, just look at the shadow of his head (the one on his shoulders), he’s got either two heads or one very monsterous sized head!!

    its beckham hes be waxed from the neck down

    Why are hit feet so huge and black? They look dirty… I agree- I am kinda dissapointed with his bits…

    Is he not circumsised? Yuck!!!

    whoever thought this is fake is stupid. the british media wouldn’t be all over it because they’re so much more liberal…hello? pretty people have big penises too!

    its not real — david’s legs aren’t that big, and theres a definite pixel difference

    uncut penises are disgusting, I hope this one is a fake, I wouldn’t touch that thing even if it was Beckham’s/

    doesn’t anyone else think his feet look weird? If I had to chose I reason why I thought it was a fake, I’d say that’s it.

    Totally fake. Look at the legs, especially the thighs, on the left side. There’s a very visible light line where they weren’t blended with the background.
    Not to mention there’s no way the absolute epitome of metrosexuality is that unkempt down under.

    Yes, it’s much more important for men to be mutilated when they are babies and have no say than it is for blessed Ana od Coco to be offended by a foreskin. Get a grip, ladies, and just pull it back. I’m glad no one ever cut the hood of your clitoris off.

    That is definetly photoshopped. David’s legs aren’t that hairy. Being such a metrosexual he would shave his legs.

    You all Americans are so stupid. circumsised? Yeah that is so American, 50% of the orgasm is less with men that are circumsised. That’s why Americans are fat fools.

    Black feet?
    To all the people whining about his potential cock: only Jews and Americans mutilate their babies.

    Hair under his arms!

    Circumsition is a barbaric custom wich we europeans don’t use. Go home and wank your mishaped dick, yankee!
    And the picture is definatly a fake!

    what da hell r u talkin bout that shit is small

    there are too many dumb posts here.
    circumcision is also done for hygenic and medical purposes. uncut penises are most likely to gather dirt and urine stink than circumcised ones thus more likely to be smelly, dirty and prone to stds or give stds.
    circumcision is also a religous practice.
    plus, totally a myth that there is less pleasure when you are circumcised. it’s medically/ scientifically proven.
    ANYWAY, i think the photo’s photoshop-ed.

    Meow, I’m american and I’ll take uncut anyday. Having had some of both (Hey, I got a lot of lurv to give, call me what you will) I can say for SURE that there is a difference for a WOMAN during sex. The foreskin just goes back and forth against your g-spot the whole time.
    As for hygiene, an uncut and a cut guy have the same chance of being dirty and smelly. It depends on how hygenic he is in general, for the love. You learn to live with your body, and tend to it accordingly. Cut guys pull it back when they pee and wash under the foreskin. It’s just dumb to say they are more prone to being smelly and carrying STDs. what horse shit! That’s like saying girls with big boobs are more likely to have smelly undersides. No. They wash under them. Girls with small boobs prolly just do a once over with the soap, as more is not needed. You adjust.
    On a side note, is it really an American or Jewish custom? The majority of Europeans don’t? I did not know that. Maybe I’ll move…

    David is so hot. His body is amazing. His feet are colored to match the background. As a male i think that you can do what every you want to do. Me personaly during oral sex i love to have uncut over cut anyday. It just feels better even during anal sex. Victoria can move on over because that is mine. And it is by far not small you should see some of the big ones i come accross on the street corner

    I don’t believe this’s the real beck!!! his penis shape is too strange!!!

    omg omg omg… he has a dick! he has a belly! he has two arms! he has some hair around his dick!!! he is a man… a perfectly normal man!! and if i might say what i think, i don’t think that he has a too trained athletic body!!

    In reference to the comment by licious that this isn’t Beck’s penis because of the “strange” appearance of it-
    licious- that is called an UNCIRCUMCISED penis. That’s why it doesn’t look like a “normal” (average American penis). Most European men do NOT get circumcised.

    I think LICIOUS was talking about how the shape is weird NOT THE HEAD
    and circumcision is a terrible thing.

    Wow. You folks are so desperate to see az naked man you want to look at fakes?? How sad is that? There are MILLIONS of naked men out there, and some of them are even real. Get out of the house once in a while. And leave the fake shit like this to the scary old men who can’t get any better…

    it’s definitively a fake one…
    and is not so big as they r telling!
    and btw circumcision is an Jewish and Islamic custom… :)) major part of Europeans did not do it because they do not find it necessary… for them it’s too painful to do it…

    Ti’s a fake. The line between the chin and the neck gives it away. Besides, a pro footballer (or soccer player, whatever you prefer) don’t have that slim legs, and gorilla feet. Nice work with the shadow/light on the face though.

    This is a fake stunt for his name.

    It looks like a sweet potato.

    100% sure: not Beckham’s feet.
    I worked in a boutique at Fifth Avenue where I had the occasion to serve mr. David Beckham.
    I know the shape of his feet by heart, as I did with all clients at the time!

    I think it’s not big!!
    I’m deceived by the article…

    s ela tiene muy pequeña jajajja

    와씨발좆나좆크네~ㅋㅋㅋ 부럽다 배컴.. 좆크고

    I’m really curious where it is from…
    Is it the picture in the press?
    How has this pic been seen…….!
    Anyway, if it is real…
    Oh, god! Cheers! Vic!

    joenges joenges dees is zoe nep pff al die blonde wijve trappe daar natuurlijk wer in …

    It’s REAL!!! I checked it out on another website and got the back story. The pic is an outtake from an ad he did in the U.K. some time ago. The ads caused a great deal of controversy b/c of the Christ-like pose and they pulled them. The pic was never supposed to run full length, only from the waist up, but recently someone released the full uncensored picture. The discoloration around the feet is normal. It has to do with the lighting. What some people describe as a halo effect around the head is simply back lighting.

    wow i have shocked og his private organ that is too big eventhough it`s not standing up…but i believe it`s not his…but i don`t care if that is real…i wanna see victoria`s…^^ kidding
    anyway i who is oriantal man think he have to take circumcision of his…asian woman hate not to be circumcision…^^

    is it real cock? looks like uncut…what a big!

    내 똘똘이도 저만했으면..

    looks good!!
    But I don’t think it’s his own body.

    he is big ~

    i was there…. it’s real…xxx

    His private organ is not beautiful at it is expected to be. It is actually a little ugly. I don’t know how was Victoria’s response when she first saw it. But I am sure she must have been disappointed.

    wow ~ its too big ~ is it real ?

    it looks like a sweet potato.


    와..촌나 부럽다..얼굴부터 곧휴까지 완벽하지않은게 없네 쉐키

    oh,so sexy!it is too big!!!!!!!1

    Beckham T^T

    Oh my fucking god!!!!
    D.B. is the best!!!
    I want a man like this!!!

    it’s very very big~~~

    베컴 포경수술 안했냐?

    아쉽지만.. my panis is more than beckham penis




    PENGITA lol

    ㅡㅡ 아무리 봐도 합성같은 느낌을 지울수가 없네

    beckan la concha de tu madre vs por q todabia no biste mi berga argentina , inlges cuanod t la ponga t voy a dejar el culo roto putooooooooooooooooooooooo. mariano “saviola”

    That really turns me on me and Roseanne want a 3 some

    denk niet dat het echt is en dat zich voor niets op het internet plaatst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he is gay!!!


    I’m Korean. Beckham….Hmm……..
    Face good…..Muscle good………
    Penis good………Football good……
    You…………..Mother Friend Son

    it’s big



    Oh. I think it’s the best picture of beckham that ever posted. Maybe the picture isn’t original or original. I don’t know who have made it.

    kakav narcisoidni kreten

    Thats hot! Id do him 4 sure! haha :+P

    a su señora se le fue la mano, ella hubiese querido que fuera el… jejejje


    in dont think its real i think is been foto shop

    mas falso que hecho con photoshop

    SO SO

    Well…. we know he’s a man, so he has a dick and he has balls…. if these aren’t his, he has some that would be ALMOST the same…. no?

    eso tiene photoshop, se nota en la parte del abdomen donde tiene una cicatriz que enlaprimer foto falta y en las ultimas esta muy marcado!! salvo que yo no sepa que este hermoso hombre tenga eso ….

    He is so hot, i would do it with him anytime

    I had never see a cock so beautifull, i want to eat it, it so perfect, is long and bold jejejeej

    you Becks fanatics out there! This is really fantastic and it is high time that we had some great pix of Becks not only in the buff but of relative good quality of photography… This goes beyond if the pix is real in a juxtaposition – if it is good it can be viewed as a tribute to the impeccable physique of Becks and if it is not good, what impact would it carry anyways whether it is real or not? I for one state that this is a good one and I am grateful that someone posted it online so swiftly….. for all to enjoy! Thanks!!!

    Realise his dick! It’s big! taking a photo shouldn’t be so excited!

    There hasen’t been any photoshopping on the torso, its the head. And then they have painted the tatoos on after. Not his body


    esa foto es fabulosa bueno la verdad es que DAVID B. en si es fabuloso y ademas con ese cuerpo que no sea egoista y lo muestre al mundo las mujeres esTAriamos encantadas de verlo asi a diario con razon VICTORIA ES TAN FELIZ A SU LADO. CON UN HOMBRE ASI QUIEN NO

    Wonderful statuesque beauty. He resembles Jesuscrist in the nude…Breathtaking

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Babe digame ke tiene el ke no tenga sho mmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

    Evan if its not David body i think its pretty hot pic welcome in my bed anytime !!

    the body is a fake, checkout other topless shot of him tatts are diffrent not quite right.

    jajja chupala ingles puto,te retocaron un poco la foto para que paresca que la tenes mas grande.

    it is a well known fact that Beckham has full on brazilian BBC – BUM BACK & CRACK. He is a smoothy so this is a fake.

    it looks real to me…lol..i mean look at his treasure trail in the very first pic and then look at the one where he is naked ( yummy btw)…they are the same..it dont look fake :O)

    juasjuasjuas q mentira ese no es su cuerpo ni susu partes vamos si casi se ve el corte en el cuello jajajaja

    notice how he has black mans feet?

    woooo que curpo tan hermoso esa cara y esa verga que se ve deliciosa quien no seria feliz a su lado con ese moustro de pene

    I think that pic. is fake; David Beckham’s thighs are huge, especially in comparison to the skinniness of the rest of his body. But the thighs in that photo are pretty thin.
    It’s unfortunate that the photos are faked, yes, but David Beckham is more muscular than they show. The facts just don’t check out.

    cool pic. great Beckham. hehe

    Diosh que bueno estas papi tienes ese guebo deforme pero el mio es mas gordo jijiji

    ha what a big cock vik is a verry lucky woman i would like a go on that

    WOw, you seem very stupid… this pic is real… if you just can’t get info about it, and you just say it is not real… well… you ARE VERY stupid. he took the pic for some kind of benefic thing


    That’s is really, really hot. I meen.. I really got horny right no, caus’ the picture just got bigger.. And more real it looked. I really want to fuck him hard. And I’m not kidding now. That would be delicious. I will more than anything else suck that beutifule dick!
    I wanna have some nettsex, right now. Anyone who want to join? I have cam. And I promise, I will get you horny.
    Love from Sophia, 23yearsold

    yo… big dinky

    soo for the half a million a week he gets from his football career. On top of the unknown millions amount per month he decides to sell naked pictures of himself? not likely! this is obviously a fake…

    Blaaaaaaaah! I don’t see what the fuss is all about. I’ve seen prettier and bigger cocks than his. All his money and he still has to take naked pics of himself…the guy’s a wanker!

    its obviously a fake and your silly to think its real
    1. notice the neck, where his head has been photoshopped in, the shadows just stop….clear line.
    2. the media would be all over this, would be all over the internet….nothing….
    so yes, obvious fake silly billies

    victoria must have pleasant nights!! hahaha 😀

    This is Bullshit…………..

    well its been published in heat magazine in the uk but i think its a photoshop! his body is much betta than this its far too skinny in this pic hes much more defined def fake

    his penis is very long
    is this the penis that victoria often suck?

    no it aint real i read his torso was superimposed on2 a gay porn actors legs and bits real real shame tho

    this is not david beckam, the top half is but the bottom bit aint. av u seen then legs david shaves his. the bottom one is him tho

    i think it is not him as he shaves EVERYWHERE and so this cannot be him

    so not real!!!!! when have you ever seen legs on david beckham like that, there grose and the feet yuk defo not him xxxxxxx

    If this is photoshopped, I believe he DID do the nude pose; though the way he is standing, this type of pose is the way guys can stand if they want to “hide their little-man” hehe..
    It seems like he was posing nude, and the aquard position of his legs is because he’s hiding “junior” behind his legs, and someone photoshopped the picture and added a little something 😉
    now aren’t I clewer? 😉

    i wish he was gay he is so sexy i can suck him now!!!!

    It’s fake. It’s fake. IT’s real. Haha its fake but its real so its fake but also real but fake etc.

    i dont believe that anyone could be so vain!!!!!!!!!

    beautiful, just beautiful.

    I wish i could just touch it and suck it so hard that cum will come out without having an orgasm i love him soo much and i want it up my arse ohhh ye i can just feel it now!!!

    It cant be real.. his autobiography states he has been circumsised…

    i thing so , wunderful body and i hope this picture service for all people hot withme jajajajajaj tanks

    esto es verdad beno quisas y si que importa

    i think if it would be real some’ big would have happen… it’s not him

    I don’t care if it’s real or fake. It’s the closet view we’ll have of Beck’s dock.
    Regards to my friends of SATEC!

    Do you want to take my PANACOTA??

    which ever, real or not, it’s healthy for your imagination!!!

    no mamen lo unico que hace la gente es querer levantar rumores de la gente cuando saben que estan vien en la sociedad . y si esa foto fuera sierto que les interesa no es su vida. a toda costa quieren traer abajo a mi hermoso .

    oh my! i dont now, how many times a masturbate myself with this picture, its really hot!!!! i dont care if this is or isnt real.

    damn thing!!!!!!!how can it be true! who fuckin lame ass makes up this sickening ‘picture’, not photo surely… and, those bitch slut, imagining having sex with Dave, head to hell now!!!!! fuck!

    Sehr gut gemachter Internetauftritt – gef?llt uns ausgezeichnet. Bei uns finden Sie WOW Gold unter
    Beste Grü?e, wow gold

    God bless his mother!!!!

    Id like to see Beckham gang raped by 20 Black prisoners – now that would be hot

    OMG do u have more??

    oh if it wasn’t for that cow that he is married to he would be perfect. just ditch the bitch & come live with me, i’ll show what real men get up to.let’s see more of this sort of thing.what a nice cock…goes with the body

    He is gorgeous.

    i wish i can have such a body,attactive!!!

    i like it very much so i love him

    Guys, I Don’t Mean To Burst Your Bubbles But Its A Painting! I Go To An Art College So I Think I Should Know Between A Painting And A Real Picture.

    1 word says it all! yummmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He sure is cute and hot, but now that I see his penis….he has a prety ugly one.

    I only know of 3 uncut celeb: K-fed, leonardo dicaprio and him! show somemore uncut cocks!!

    I only know of 3 uncut celeb: K-fed, leonardo dicaprio and him! show somemore uncut cocks!!

    That’s not real, his legs are not so black.

    here it might not be his cock but its not a fucking painting anyway he is wew nice.

    It’s kinda gross. I heard it was a photo shot. Maybe they just made it look like a painting. He’s got big calves. I’m not into uncut. The media is making it seem like he’s huge, he’s soft so you can’t tell.

    both pic r so fake.the first pic he has no tatoos and on the sec pic he tons of tatoos.so fake

    yes. david is extremely hot. but last i heard he WAS circumsized. so i dont exactly believe that is his fully naked body. and to be honest i hope it isn’t. pretty much all celebrities are circumsized lol

    rebecca loos said he wasnt circumcised, and she was supposed to have slept with him! nice big cock though

    The only reason why I think this is not Beckham…is because his right arm should be complete covered in a tatoo. Beckham has quite a bit of tatoos.
    Of course he would not be circumsized as are 80% of the entire world except for USA. In Europe basically 100% of the nonjewish pop. is uncircumsized. So the cock here is believable and hot.

    i knew about david but i never knew that he would go for durastic mesures but i still think he has the perfect cock and the right body for it

    I agree with GEM. If you look at the recent photos in W magazine, you will see that Dave’s right arm is much more heavily tatooed. He also has a definite 6 pack (if not 8 pack) which this photo doesn’t show. So either this is a fake or a much younger Dave.

    I think he looks hot fake or not I would do him any time.

    i thing it’s hot when guys are uncut, but only when they dont have a half an inch of skin just hanging there it’s kinda gross then

    I don’t think this is a completely real pic, his body has so much more definition to it, the guy is pure muscle, also I think he would’ve trimmed up a little to do a nude photo. Either way this man is absolutely gorgeous!

    well either way i agree that he’s the fucking hottest guy on earth and i’d so be his! lol.
    but i highly doubt Victoria would have allowed her gorgeous hubby to even do a nude pic for the world. so it’s a fake guys.

    he is so good!

    Well he has done a nude photo shoot way back when him and Posh got together (pre kids and he had longer hair). He looked cut in that pic and he was suppose to be 10″.

    10″ *(drool) adn stares off into space.

    I would like to suck it. It very big.

    He did this for charity.. guys

    funny thing about Brits…even the ‘hot’ ones look better clothed.

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ베컴 ㅅㅂ 졸라 거물이네요

    ele tem pimba de ácaro!

    he is like the hottest thing ever!
    i think its real cause u have 2 compare the tattoos, and he is real!
    omg i would sooo suck it

    who cares if its real or not,Posh is a very luky bitch!

    David, Victoria and the press office for the Beckhams did officially announce that this picture was a fake. David stated that he found it amusing but Victoria was not impressed with the hoax.

    He is uncircumcised, just like many cowards in this world. Gross!

    I read about this pic months ago and it definatley is a fake , it said that victoria Beckham showed david the pic and he thought it was funny.

    베컴안깟다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    … very big

    Uncircumcised is gross? First of all, can I point out that that’s the way men are born. Second – who the fuck are you to be calling it gross? Get help.

    Uncircumcised is gross? First of all, can I point out that that’s the way men are born. Second – who the fuck are you to be calling it gross? Get help. And what I’d really liked explained is why he’s a coward?

    To “Me”: Ignorance and stupidity like yours make me hope someone chokes you to death with an uncircumcised dick. You are too stupid to live. And no, idiot, I am not circumcised.

    oh man./..see this i want to fuck with him….lol(kidding)

    Exactly what do cowardice and being uncircumsised have with each other. Alexander the Great uncircumcised and so was Mahatma Ghandi. 10 to 1 I betcha Martin Luther King was uncircumcised and no one is calling him a coward. Chances are Pope John Paul and the current Pope were and are uncircumcised. I do not understand me’s comment “He is uncircumcised, just like many cowards in this world. Gross!” I can accept the fact that you dislike penis in it’s “natural state” but to relate it to cowards? Makes no sense. I betcha President Bush is circumcised and as far as my books are concerned he’s the biggest coward there is. I can guarantee that whatever greatness he might have thought he may have never existed and he will forever in the books of the entire world be recognized as the USA’s largest downfall.

    oh my got………!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my god~~~~~~~~~ -0-
    But that’s goooooooooooooooood~

    Why should it matter whether a man is circumsised or not? Aside from the fact that often, the procedure can be painful or debilitating if performed incorrectly. It is a personal choice; which means that you should PERSONALLY rant about it, not on a public blog.

    That picture was been proven to be a Photoshop fake several months back.

    whatever, it’s an amazing shot and if it’s him….lucky wifey…if it isn’t….lucky whoever actually gets that. Oh and grow up, uncut, or cut, it’s all in how it’s used anyway right?! gesh.

    looks real 2 me i would suck it anywayz
    if any male wants 2 talk gay wif me e mail on
    just put the address on this web pae in so i no where u got it

    Im european and most european men born in europe are not circumcised. Its normal there just like getting circumcised is normal here.

    so fake in the real one heswearing jeans

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but in the first picture, he’s supposed to have fragments of his tattoos here and there. I took 4 years of graphic correction class and this, to me, is very POOR photoshoppin, but atleast they tried. They fooled a lot of you. Still a great picture. Oh and circumsized do it WAY better and we feel it more, bitch!

    Nice….I love this man!

    uncut penis’s are unhygenic..at least for oral sex..if the man doesnt constant clean the foreskin it make oral sex a very UNtasty experience..also uncut men have a higher chance of passing on HIV to their partner because the diseased cells can be trapped in the foreskin, this has been proven.

    well foreskin is actually better i reckon its cleaner because its not just out there getting fluff and dirt or whatever from your pants and underwear plus who cares if its fake or real its good for the imagination but it’d be great it if was real.

    another thing.
    yes he was wearing pants. why would in the very first picture of him, way at the top, is he wearing pants there. and the rest is all nude.
    OMG cuz that’s nto a fake. and the rest are. and btw now that i’ve seen it so much. it’s not even that big at all. i bet his is way bigger. *drool*
    so w/e
    ejaculate to some fake or w/e

    Omg I would suck his dick all day 24 7 365 days a year mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Omg… it looks like a pile of shit dangling from his body! He has such a hot body!! I hope its all fake cause unless cameras can do funny things then last time I saw a penis it didn’t look like dangling shit! I Love his caterpillar! sexy x

    beckham… I love his fuck…
    Big…..! I love you!!!♡
    KISS ME darling~
    oh!! my body very H.O.T!!!!

    ..how can you say its more hygienic to be cut ? Totaly nonsense, we wash as much as cut guys and it never smells at all, only disgusting people smell, cut or uncut. Its much better with foreskin, the gland is much more sensible because its hidden and not always rubbing against underwear so cut guys need a very long time before they come. Sorry Boys but the fact is, men were born with foreskin and its natural. When you are cut mostly because of religion terms you lose a lot of your penis feeling…And this is a fact !!



    im love cock him and ass iwant suck cock him and cum im flavor everynige im thinking you imhorny fucking myself

    Good. there is no doubt.. oh, i’m just speechless… oh, shit.

    hello cock… I knew he has sexxy but gamn.. uncut cok is my favorite.. yummy yummy.. i am so glad i am a bisexual i can suck his cock and lick posh’s pussy 2.. damn that would be a sexy 3 sum..
    ….: :….
    : :
    : :
    : :
    : :

    y r his feet black…. all iv gota say

    Fake or not is brilliant…..love it and him

    it seriously looks like a piece of shit dangling from him-his penis. he should seriously make it alot bigger!!!

    Oh my god!
    This is a root.
    Looks like thick and big root.
    Crossing leg is fantastic.
    Good picture

    oh~my got goooooooooooooood

    I Love David Beckham

    I’m from China and I can’t see the whole picture on our Chinese websites,but I see it here.Oh,real man,real Beckham

    im cumming in front of his pic!


    oh my god
    good sexy beckham
    sexy man yo

    these are fake pictures. just compare his legs (calves and thighs) to other pics of beckham. this model just does not have soccer legs.

    I can’t believe!!
    I think it is maybe a CG effect.
    It doesn’t look like “man’s”
    Guys! How do you think?

    This picture is fake. look at the his fenis. that’s impossible.

    Ooh cute penis…
    Bad legs

    Of course that’s not david beckham Penis!
    It was made longer by the people who take that photo…
    David Beckham’s penis is smaller!

    i think this is real penis. i know a lot about photography. so, i believe this is real one. if you are disagree, it means you are SICK

    did anyone else notice that his feet are unusually dark?!??! creepy

    I don’t think anyone even noticed he had feet!

    i think this is true.
    have you seen the new ARMANI ad of david? he has a big bulge.

    Absolutely gorgeous man! Wow, I think it is just the oils on his legs combined with blood circulation that makes his legs look dark, b/c they are so muscular just like his legs…it has to be him! His penis is large, but how much larger it CAN GET!

    ow my goodness! i cant beleive it! but had anyone notice that he’s not circumsized? eww! thats disgusting!

    i want David Bekam send me naked foto,oke i am lazio from timor leste

    oh no~
    is it true?

    dude, not being circumsized is so much better than being circumsized. The foreskin is meant to be there, no fucking duh, and it enchances sensuality in the penis. tell me, do you uncircumsized guys feel ANYTHING in the tip of your penis when you masturbate???

    of course. thats the part where we feel it most haha. so you’d better get your facts straight buddy. foreskin is so annoying. you always have to be so fucking careful rollseyes.
    and its so unhiegenic. nasty. trust me i know okay.
    foreskin is wrong. everyone i know says so.
    deal with it haha

    hacen alarde del photoshop….
    pero si la ven bien, es cortita, petit, small….
    por favor!!!!
    hay mejores….

    4skins not necessary,serves no purpose,its ugly,dirty,cheesy,wrinkly,smelly & prevents guys from truly enjoying a good BJ! Uncut guys mostly need 2 wank 2 cum,how limiting is that? Plus u can touch my(beautifully big)head & I dont scream in agony! Snip em all!

    ty you fine person whoever you are.
    jeeze i totally agree with you 🙂
    wanna chat on msn!

    Actually, this one was proven to be a fake. Sorry guys. 🙁

    that is so hot i love forskin i got some my self and its not nasty

    And just as a reply to che, his bulge has been digitally enhanced in the Armani ad. His publicists said so. I know this because… I have no life. 🙁 But I will say Becks probably is uncut, because most Brits (and non-Americans, as a matter of fact) are uncircumcised.

    oh my god… its so hot!!!!!
    i lov his naked body.

    LOL, what a fool. Foreskins are obviously there for a reason, you know, evolution and all, and if anything serve to enhance the pleasure. I don’t know where you got that wank to cum rubbish and we don’t scream in agony but in massive pleasure. Good luck ‘snipping’em all’ with the vast vast majority of unAmerica being uncircumsised and all…
    And it also comes down to choice. I can always get snipped. You can never get unsnipped.

    it is very beautiful and sexy. his uncut cock. i will surely fuck it one day

    that is a real picture of david beckham that dick is his!! how do i know this i was in spain last year and he was on a beach near his home naked ! on his own plus i have seen the same cock on another website where he was modeling and it the same!! enjoy

    You’re an idiot. You dont know what you’re talking about.
    This picture of David Beckham is proved to be a fake. Please get a life shaun.

    forskins are hot

    God forskins are so fugly and gross…disgusting

    to imacboy….
    you are an idiot!!! You were born with foreskin along with all males EVER BORN, but your parents chose to CHOP IT OFF for you. How sad is that….. FOrskin is beauty…you are just jealous you don’t have it anymore.

    my god!
    i love you~

    캬아악!Beckham good

    Beckham good !unbelievable!!!!!



    to latinouncut
    actually forskin is disgusting im glad im cut. if u like ur skin thats cool but dont expect everyone to share ur limited view.
    either way, david is a ot fucker

    beckham so …. big

    Are these real pics or fake, either way the body is hot! wouldn’t mind him in my bed.

    wau… nice dick may i touch hi… just kidding

    ……….sweet potato…

    it looks like big sweet potato….

    he’s kinda cute….ugly peter tho

    Unbelievable… I’m envy you !!

    that’s amazing
    he’s penis is very cute

    Haha! Hi Frank. Your viewers always amuse me with their spelling and grammar.

    wow…very good!



    what is that? ‘_’

    what is that? ‘_’

    I Think, his sexual organs looks like burned carrot.

    oh! no!
    his sexual organ looks like
    burned carrot .
    but, he so sexy

    i wana fuck him hardcore !!

    i think his cock hasn’t been circumcised. Also, if it is his cock, i think he’s got it semi-hard.

    오우 섹시하다

    i think that David Beckhem is one of the hottest celibrities in the world and i would love to have a threesome with him and one of his team mates 🙂


    OMG i dont care if its cicumsizes or not he is fine as HECK

    his sexual organs looks Sweet potato. I’m japan girl.
    his sexual organs looks very good
    I’m fall in love
    I’m excited.

    i want yur bod

    오우..! 자지큰데….

    it’s fake….go to hotmalecelebs.com something like that.

    it nice and looks real but if you pay attention to all his tattoos he has a slevee tattoo on his right arm and it not there in the pic so it fake.

    hhaha too bad thats not even what a penis looks like. this is soooo fake.

    backhome is very sweetpotato
    he is bigger

    hi, its so fanny! because it’s not
    That pic. it’s so fake…..! jeje
    nice for him; If that’s it’s real .


    i’m shocked~~~~
    ~ m(ToT)m~

    Oh my eyes!!!!!

    for those who said its fake because of the tatts. This is an old pic before he got his sleeve google him and you’ll find lots of pics of him with just these tatts some without any tatts at all!

    je me demande combien doit mesurer sa teub!!!!au moin 27 cm
    ca doit etre bon dans mon cu!!!!

    Oohhhhhh my God…..This is so …I can not believe my eyes…hehe

    if thiss real, i think his really big 😛 hotttt!

    lo tiene muy pequeño

    is this pic real?!

    와존나 크다 말부랄

    오우 시발 넣고싶다

    que rico!!!!!!!!!!! viendo eso se puede uno masturbar con mmucho placer mmmmmmmm

    wow 정말크네 ㅋㅋㅋ
    빅토리아는 호강 ?ㅋㅋㅋ
    할때마다 즐거우니

    우왕 고구마댜

    고구마 우왕

    헐 내보지에 넣고싶다

    ohh…..kinda gross….lol

    i got a boner.. now im horny..

    that’s not his body he is waaay more built than that. His abs aren’t fit in that naked pic, it’s photoshop

    haha he appears to be uncircumcised. who gives a fuck though? he’s fucking hot as hell and if i were single and i could sack him, i would be a very lucky girl. (: oh david, making me blush like that!

    sexy… I hope that isnt ur penis… i want to see head.

    Holy crap! (; That’s freaking sexy! (;

    “he appears to be uncircumcised.”
    Most British men are. There’s nothing unusual about that.
    Don’t know if these photos are real though.

    whether photoshopped or not………….hot hot hot.I would let him fuck me while Posh watched!

    que es esto?



    oh my god,,,god bless you

    i want to be a American.
    I hate KOREA

    wow.amazing good goguma. i like u back home:)

    david’s cock tastes like piss, cheese and someone else’s ass

    i love David so much

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    Always loved this shot, even if it is fake.

    at least peter andre has a six pack!!

    Oh how I wish I was Victoria right now..I would let David Beckham fuck my pussy every night

    esta buenoo pero pequeño k desepcion lo esperaba mas grande

    I love beckham so bad. I would love to shag him in his bed.
    What I would love to do to him
    shag him
    Suck his cock
    Snog him
    Marry him
    Sleep with him

    nice dick! i would love to suck his cock until he jerks off to my face!

    Americans are so screwed in the head. They give the foreskin such a bad name and rep in their country and they try to make the rest of the world think cut cocks are normal. Newsflash! Americans are the only non muslims non jews that have no foreskins in the whole fucking world!
    British pride!


    Caca tastes better than pussy.

    He should be castrated with a Burdizzo.

    GORGEOUS!!! cut or uncut, does it really matter? I WOULD DO HIM AND SO GOOD.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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