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!! OMG, his butt: Aaron Carter !!

I hear from a very good source that the photo after the jump does indeed show the top of singer Aaron Carter‘s butt. He’s not naked and you can’t see his face, but I’m putting it out there for now, with proof forthcoming. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge.
(Image Source)

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    Oh boy, it’s a little furry!

    i love the fist pic more where he is shirtless, he should take more pix, but naked, now i’m hard

    it’s from his myspace

    If only he took more in front of the bathroom mirror.

    omg what a tease

    aaron is just so HOT!

    There must be more self taken pics surely. One can hope..


    I love aaron carter, he’s so damn hot??

    he’s so hot!

    mmm i would love to eat that out

    SHOW ME HIS JUNKKKKK!!!!!! yummy :p

    sit on my face nice buttcrack and cheeks

    i knew he had buttcdrack..just like nick

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