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!! OMG, how naked: Vite Spiate !!

The whole world has always been jealous of life in Italy, and I never thought it was because of the television (it’s notoriously bad), but Vite Spiate (Spied Lives), a Big-Brother-like reality program has changed that for me. At least the two clips after the jump make it seem entertaining.
First, watch Rudy and Andrea horse around in the shower, and then watch Rudy spend some steamy shower time alone where he seems confused about what type of program he is filming. No wonder he has a fan club. Both clips are NSFW.

(via Dreamcaps)

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    i cant see it..its blank!

    Yuck no butt

    Omg so hot and what a boner and of course both men were hot thanks for sharing

    gosh this was so hawt i totally blew my load..man his cock is sexy and beautiful.

    just wanted to inform everyone that this is a web based show, we don’t see ANY of it on normal television, only on the internet. actually i didn’t even know there was something like that until i found out on this blog, really weird XD
    so there’s really no need to be jealous of italian tv, it sucks as usual.

    Normally, I don’t feel the need to comment, but GOSH! that was so awesome. I popped a boner as well.

    OMG I hadn’t seen the second clip and now I have a boner at work.

    OMG is right! Thank you for making my MONDAY a little more bearable. There’s nothing hotter than watching two guys shower! I’d watch the American version if this happend!

    Camera Whore.

    versions with hot hunks would keep my interest all night

    The second clip is TEH HAWT.
    …alright, I’m moving to Italy.

    WOW! Very hot. Why HBO or Showtime doesn’t air an uncensored version of Big Brother or something similar, I don’t know.

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