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!! OMG, how sincere: Gay Kylie fans !!

We’ve all seen those fanboy video montages on YouTube with Madonna’s music playing as a backdrop for a slideshow of nameless hunks, but this is the first one where the fanboy himself not only plays a central role, but replaces the diva herself in her original music video! The diva in this case is Kylie Minogue and the video is “I Believe In You.”
The result is perhaps one of the gayest things I have ever seen. Put on your shades if you’re sensitive. (Thanks to Brad for the tip!)

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    This really is the most amazing tribute I’ve seen. For three reasons:
    1 – It’s Kylie!
    2 – The Hottie!
    3 – The song was written for Kylie by the Scissor Sisters

    Wow I laugh my ass off
    muy comico y profecional

    Fabulous! If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Kylie should indeed be flattered. My favorite Kylie song. Great job!!!

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