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!! OMG, new hair: Madonna !!

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Madonna‘s latest hair reinvention does not do her justice. Not only does it make her look old, but it’s uncomfortably similar to Posh Spice’s haircut, which can only mean one thing: Madonna is converting to Scientology!




    it could just be pulled back….it is possible. i’m hoping

    and she’s disgustingly thin.

    I don’t like it either. The color is too brassy and she looks like the love child of Dietrich & David Bowie.
    her sunken ckeekbones don’t look so good.

    everybody calm down…it’s just in a ponytail.

    Get her 10 CCs of sandwich, stat!!

    She is way too thin. She needs to fatten up and quit taking herself so seriously. Those sunken cheeks are hideous.

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