!! OMG, she’s fat again: Kelly Clarkson !!

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There must be a flab epidemic in the air… First Kelly Osbourne and now Kelly Clarkson have expanded far beyond our expectations. Maybe it has to do with the name “Kelly”…
No matter, Kelly Clarkson could be as big as a whale and she would still be a better singer than most any other pop star around. Kelly Osbourne, on the hand, will always be the most boring reality TV host in history (yes, even worse than Julie Chen).

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20 Comments on "OMG, she’s fat again: Kelly Clarkson"

  1. i agree with the first person damn ppl what is the big deal if a celeb puts on weight or not damn dont you have anything else better to do then fallow celebs around and see what they are doing she is still beautiful and sexy dont hate appreciate ppl

  2. omg people seriously leave celebrities alone, they’re only human, it shouldn’t matter how big they are either way she is still gorgeous.. get a life, and stop hating on other people!

  3. Leave her the hell alone! I think it is terrific that she is one of the feel “real” body-type celeb women. Unless you are concerned for her health, keep any bitchy comments about her weight to yourself.

  4. She’s only normal in America… because Americans are fat.

  5. see my site for further commentary for the once again fat Kelly.
    So because the majority of the country is fat, that means it is cool for her to be that way too? Get a grip and push away from the dinner table.
    People have zero self discipline. It’s disgusting and condoning it is just a way of furthing the fat ass epidemic.
    Lazy pigs.

  6. Marsha Sible | April 26, 2007 at 1:49 pm | Reply

    I think that she has a certain image to uphold. She looked extremely overweight last night at the Idol Gives Back Concert. OR, maybe it was just that awful moo moo making her look so heavy…either way the image wasn’t pleasant.

  7. Kelly is so amazing, I can’t wait to see her in concert on May 12th. Tickets are still available , Just Log On!!! http://www.wangotango.com/index_splash.html

  8. how come everyone backs up fat chicls whose fault it is but skinny pretty girls whose only faults are genetic lottery people trash them haterade and other things in xcess

  9. It is comments like yours that cuase people to become bulimic or anorexic. As long, as she is happy who gives a frag what you think!

  10. im so sorry to say somthing negative but get the hell over with people being fat half your bloody country is fat get over it and i think she dosent look that bad “fat” i realy dont belive shes fat.

  11. i must admit that kelly has put on some weight, but i think it’s the dress that’s making her look like an ice-cream cone.
    still, come on! she still that bubbly kelly we’ve come to love

  12. you’re right, i was totally a fat disgusting child.
    actually, the above photo is me at age 10, on halloween. i’m dressed as mr. potato head in drag.

  13. And who else wants to bet $10 that Scott was fat as a kid??

  14. I agree. I hate fat people. Esp rich ones that can afford ro eat quality food. And that pukey green dress is fawful.

  15. She’s not fat, she’s normal! No one would recognize that, though, because we’re so used to looking at a bunch of damn bookmarks with hair extensions.

  16. I give a shit if she’s fat. Fat people are disgusting.
    Julie Chen is so not lame or boring, you just wish you were half the woman she is.

  17. the states are obbessed about people being fat!
    starters 1. she is not fat!
    2. who cares?

  18. She does look cute, and those SHOES rock the free world and parts of the red states!

  19. I dont know there Frank, Julie Chen is pretty terrible!!

  20. She looks cute, who gives a shit if she’s fat.

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