!! OMG, she’s fat again: Kelly Osbourne !!

Having just finished watching Season 2 of Project Catwalk, I was already feeling a bit down on Kelly Osbourne, as she was the most un-dynamic host in all of reality TV history (yes, she made Julie Chen seem lifelike). When Liz Hurley was bumped out as host for being too “wooden,” I had high hopes that Kelly was going to bring a bit of excitement onto the show. However, all she brought were hideous outfits, boring comments, and robotic delivery of her lines.
And now look at her. See the full body shot after the jump.

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5 Comments on "OMG, she’s fat again: Kelly Osbourne"

  1. Wow, what assholes.
    So she’s gained a few. I think she is beautiful regardless.
    People look better with a little meat on their bones anyway.

  2. She looks like Ozzy with a wig on!
    I must admit, she looks happier now than she has in a long time…”make mine a frappuccino with extra whipped cream please!”

  3. I like how she doesnt even seem to try anymore. She lost weight for her second CD to come out and it tanked.
    In a way she looks like a super fat Sophie Ellis Bextor. I love it.

  4. She’s disgusting with that huge, massive bobble head and fat calf & thighs. Puke.

  5. Only one thought comes to mind:
    Big fat Moo-Moo

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