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!! ‘Ugly Betty White’ !!

(Image Source via ELH)
I can hardly believe the fabulousness of this idea, but The TV Land Awards, which air on April 22, will feature a parody skit called Ugly Betty White, starring Eric Estrada as Ignacio Suarez, Charo as Hilda, and Betty White (of course) as Ugly Betty herself. If the above photo doesn’t make you want to watch this, you are crazy.




    Ugly Betty is one of the worst shows on TV, yet one of the most watched. Either every hispanic in America is watching it, or Americans have really dumbed themselves down to Telemundo type dramas.

    ugly betty white…holy shit…hahahahahahaha
    Betty White is so fucking cool.

    Hey look everyone, Kevin is telling us he’s SO COOL! Go Kevin!

    Hey Art,
    Stating my own opinion about an obviously crappy show isn’t me trying to BE COOL, it’s called making a comment.
    I’m sure you were offended I made fun of your show, but as soon as a butterfly passed your way you probably forgot about it, so no worries.

    is it going to be a show? i saw it yesterday on tv land, but i don’t know anything about it? details?

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