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!! Go see ‘Away From Her’ !!

Away From Her Trailer
I saw Sarah Polley‘s directorial debut Away From Her [official website] the other night and I’d like to add a few more words to the sea of praise about this unapologetically Canadian movie. Polley’s script was fantastic and Julie Christie, Gordon Pinsent, and Olympia Dukakis all gave top-notch performances. It was extremely moving, with its slow and carefully-considered narrative arc and all the wonderful, sad moments that filled it.
Go run and see it this weekend.

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    I loved it too. such a GREAT performance from Julie Christie

    I saw the movie yesterday, and have adored Julie Christie for decades, ever since I saw Dr.
    Zhivago in junior high. She is an incandescent light in this film and gives a beautiful heartfelt performance.
    The nice thing about it is that Away From Her is a little movie that realistically shows what happens to people with Alzheimer’s. I really liked it.

    you just posted this to spite me, didn’t you?

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