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!! Left Eye’s last moments !!

This clip from the new VH1 documentary The Last Days of Left Eye shows former TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and her car full of gal pals minutes before her fatal 2002 car accident in Honduras. Her family authorized the release of this footage, which is not graphic, but is potentially disturbing. (via ONTD)

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    Having driven in Honduras, I know how treacherous the roads and other drivers are. Every time I stepped out of a car I felt lucky to be alive.

    What in the world was in the red box? They were passing it around wordlessly and mysteriously. Like it was a sacred totem….

    I don’t get it…totallt clear day…sunny…NO traffic….What caused her to suddenly lose control of the car?

    I hope you found the peace you were so desperately searching for Lisa. Blessings,

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