10 Comments on "OMG, he’s gay: David Hyde Pierce"

  1. I thought everyone always new that. If I had known it was supposed to be a secret I would have outed him myself. Just for the blog post.

  2. knew it all along

  3. a fey actor with 3 names is gay….what a shock.

  4. OMG I totally forgot he existed.

  5. How the hell does this come as a surprise to people, seriously you would have to have been living on Mars not to have known!

    Gee, you don’t suppose Richard Simmons is gay too do you ? (GASP!)
    NAAAAAA!! Couldn’t be.

  7. Well, I’m glad he came out but it’s kind of like Lance Bass coming out – duh?

  8. I don’t think I could be more sick of these celebs with failing careers using coming out as a platform to get a few more minutes of fame and attention. YAWN.

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