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!! OMG, he’s naked: James Duval !!

The 90s introduced us to so many great and timeless things, including the Internet, Nirvana, and the superhot James Duval, who came into the spotlight through the two Greg Araki films Nowhere and The Doom Generation. Check out one of the reasons he developed such a devoted fanbase after the jump [NSFW].

From the 1997 film Nowhere:
(Image Source)

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    These are my caps hahaha!

    Let’s see the scrotum pic!!
    He’s always kind of reminded me of Keanu Reeves.

    Horrible actor. Horrible director. Horrible movies.

    Hey looks like that guy from Third Rock from the Sun – Jason Gordin Levitt or something…
    not hot.

    Thanks for the reminders of why I have always loved James. I’ve always had a thing for dark haired/eyed guys and, as much as I love his movies, I gotta admit I’d love to give him a tongue bath all over for days and days!

    He was also in Gregg’s Totally F***ed Up.

    you can see his business in doom generation too.

    you forgot the one with his scrotum. (of course, anyone who knows who james duval is has already seen these pictures.)

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