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!! OMG, he’s naked: Vincent Gallo !!

Vincent Gallo seems sort of gross and sexy at the same time, which I think is his appeal. Watch the infamous blowjob scene from his film The Brown Bunny after the jump to see what else he has going for him [very NSFW].

Chloe Sevigny does an admirable job tackling that monster.

If you’re too lazy to watch the video, click to enlarge these stills:
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    Can you post the video again

    She does an ok job, I could totally do a better job. And he does have a nice cock….yummm!

    I give her credit for swallowing his nice load….i would have done the same. Great cock!

    Thank god for RuTube.

    How do I make the video work 🙁

    Thanks for the clip. It is hot. Could you please re-post the original one?
    This one is no longer working and the other was better.

    Wow. I thought she was going to pretend she did it. But no, she really did it. I mean, I would too, but I’m not a well-known actress. I figure this was early in her career. I wonder what that was like, knowing it was not online, but actually in theaters, on film, in video stores everywhere.

    omg i am so disappointed in Chloe… He is so disguisting, I feel so nosiated. She is SUCH a superb actress and here she is doing porn…. 🙁 /cry

    will someone please fix this vid…i really wanna see it. thanks!
    (or let me know if there is somewhere else to view it online)

    They were married at the time, people.

    i like

    Reeve carney great ass on Penny dreadful
    Alex price frontal nudity peen and balls in penny dreadful all 2nd episode.
    Reeve Carney’s ass is hot and his face is so sexy goodlooking.
    Please post.
    Thank you so much for the Will Tudor frontal

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