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!! OMG, his package: Aaron Carter !!

Just when I thought that K-Mart underwear had no redeeming qualities, I saw this video of Aaron Carter getting emotive in his Joe Boxers. There’s something hiding underneath that naughty yellow smile. Watch the video to the end for a special remix. (Thanks to Stacey A. for the tip!)

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    i totally was watching this, thts the first thing i noticed too, haha, he’s way hotter than nick ever was

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. wish i could see behind those shorts…..

    Why do I get infected with DriveCleaner EVERY time I visit this blog?

    something is there! something very small!

    type in ‘kiss’ after the ‘www.’ then press enter. the file will be saved as a flv file.

    What do you mean a “kiss”?

    Put a ‘kiss’ before the address of the youtube video link and press enter. follow the instructions and voila.

    He might look cute but his attitude is disgusting and that is a turn off.

    Nice!!! How do you download those YouTube vids?

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