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!! OMG, how risque: The Village People !!

If you need to take a break from a hard day at work, maybe this video for the Village People’s single “Sex Over the Phone” will give you some good ideas. (Thanks to Kevin for the tip!)

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    alibi girls? *hehe

    I’d do ’em too!

    Thanks! I had completely forgot this gem!
    Mmmmmmm..the 80s…

    Thank you for speaking up. This has been happening to me too.

    I’d do ’em.

    *This is a message to the website manager, not a comment for this post*
    I wanted to let you know, if you weren’t aware, that you have an ad or something on your website from http://www.drivecleaner.com which causes the window to close and a popup to appear that says something like “your drive is infected” blah blah. It only happens on your website, and I figured it was your website so I took it off my favorites, but I came back today just to look around, and for the first time since in weeks (since I last visited your site), that stupid freaking window popped up. It’s incredibly annoying and enough to make me stop visiting your site. I really hope you fix it. You can google drivecleaner and popup and you’ll find lots of results.

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