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!! ‘Hey, Paula!’ !!

“They beat me down. Well, I’m a warrior.”
Aren’t you anxious to see the Paula Abdul that you haven’t already seen on YouTube or American Idol? Even a little bit? Oh, come on. She has her own reality show on Bravo called Hey, Paula. Give her a chance to be interesting. (via PEN15 Club)
Watch some promos after the jump and maybe you’ll change your mind.

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    This show makes Paula look like a spoiled, mean, selfish, and quite possibly a legal drug abuser. She always says she doesn’t use “recretional drugs” leaving open the perscribed drugs.She is probaly hooked on vicodin, oxycontinin, percocet, xanax, ativan, valium or any combination thereof.

    yay! La Toya Jackson next please!

    This valley girl is a whack job. Bravo has hit a new low.

    Looks fabulous. I am gonna enjoy seeing Paula in all of her fabulosity doing her drugged up act on tv.

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