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!! OMG, he’s naked: Daniel López !!

Another entry in the department of sexy, well-hung Spanish men you’ve probably never heard of, I bring you former Gran Hermano (Spanish Big Brother) contestant Daniel López. And once again, the setting is the beach. See the revealing photos and video after the jump [NSFW]!


OMG, he’s naked: Omar Ayyashi

Download the video here.
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    It’s hard to choose which one I like more. MMM.
    They’re both hot.

    As always Frank, the photos are delicious!
    “Sketches of Verbal Alchemy” now available on Amazon.com

    He’s hot. Very nice.

    nice weiner. I would hit it or suck it.

    now that is a nice cock. looks like it would be quite big with a bit of rubbing & stroking & maybe a bit of sucking. i’ll do my bit for the cause.let me at him.

    it looks like he has a semi, probably not that big when he is completely soft

    OMg that is a huge mouth watering piece of meat…I know a couple of places that I could out that…He is HOT!

    Nice! Too bad it’s so grainy. But I love uc

    Hot man, hot meat/sausage/weiner. nuf said.

    if that isn’t a part hard on then it would be something of dynamic proportion when he did have a hard on & i’m more than willing to suck it dry. let me at him, he’s fucking hot.

    i cant tell is he cut or uncut?

    definitely an uncut cock, as most US ladies have never seen, and less experienced for themselves! And a big one too!

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