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!! OMG, how daytime: Tyra !!

Someone told me about this episode of the Tyra Banks Show and I wanted so much for it to be the crazy ramblings of a drunk person, but it did in fact happen.
Tyra not only had a whole crew of primordial dwarves on her show, but she had primordial dwarf makeovers, and even made one of the tiny women imitate her finger-snapping divaness. Daytime television will never be the same. (via Graydon Sheppard)

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    At least she didn’t give them a mini ipod!

    this…was…awesome. I watch Tyra all the time sadly, I can’t f’in believe I missed this!

    I can’t decide if Tyra’s talk show is crap or genius. I always end up watching it, though…she’s just so convinced of her good humanitarianism!

    So, did Tyra really have to use the term “mini makeover”?

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