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!! OMG, how hilarious: Fake children’s television !!

“Remember kids: Don’t forget to get your twangers out and play with your balls.” (via Bad Shape)

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    Ah….Mystery solved.

    Love ya, OMG boy! This clip is from the 80s and is from a REAL kids TV show called (appropriately) RAINBOW! The cast recorded this as a joke for their xmas party one year. However, with a pink, shy hippo and a femmy bear, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a fake show.

    err this is real… at least rainbow and the characters were on english tv in the 1980’s… maybe the dialogue is a voiceover…

    this wasn’t actually fake, it was recorded by the actors as seen because they were fighting back as their old programme producer had been fired and a new one put in his place. They made this episode and threatened that it would be shown unless the old producer was re-instated…he was…happy ending 🙂

    It’s not fake.
    it was a TV show over here in the UK called Rainbow.
    this was the pilot recorded for it, it never aired with the rest of the show but it is shown a lot on comedy shows.

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