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!! OMG, how insensitive: Brazilian yogurt !!

“forget about it. men’s preference will never change. fit light yogurt.”
Those Brazilians… Always stirring up controversy! Call me crazy, but I think I would rather see that woman’s vagina before Sharon Stone’s. See a couple more fit light yogurt ads after the jump. (via Popbytes)


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    Well, American’s are nothing but fatasses. And if someone is offened by this….then, go out there and lose the extra pounds and get healthy…..geezzz
    I think the ads are fantastic.
    These are real women, and they are beautiful. Everyone else needs to get over themselves.

    the truth hurts, and that’s why it wouldn’t be a goer in the US, but the third shot isn’t too bad, in fact almost preferable to the original.

    Well, the first two ads make the point well but I think the bottom lady is an improvement on Mena Suvari. I’d guess plenty of straight men wouldn’t mind landing a lusciously zaftig hottie like her.

    Well, this certainly would not go over here!! Shocking, but definitely attention grabbing…

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