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!! Summer vacation !!

I arrived yesterday in Vancouver for my first vacation in at least two years, so I won’t be blogging through the end of the week. Normal posting will resume on Monday!
Till then, wish me a fun time going to the nude beach and looking at bears in captivity! See you next week. xoxo Frank

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    We miss you!

    I wish I was on vacation… >_

    waaaaaaaaa i want more blog

    like you blog that much anyway

    Have a great time in Vancouver. you in BC or WA?
    Sorry for the poor weather if you are here in Vancouver, BC. 🙂

    Enjoy the vacation! I live in Vancouver myself and love it. Sorry the weather isn’t better for your visit, hopefully it will get a bit better before you go, but it’s not looking that way.

    Have fun!!

    Houuuu, nude beach! Need pictures lol! Kidding

    Have a good one.

    Have a great time and try not to burn anything important on the beach kiddo

    Happy Vacation, Frankie!

    have a great vacation. mine begins in august! 🙂

    hope you have a wonderful holiday. I will miss your blog.

    bears aren’t that common in vancouver!! you’ll be more likely to see coyotes, and that’s only if you venture into the suburbs. still, i love vancouver and wouldn’t want to leave, bears or no bears. hope you enjoy it!

    Good to know all is well! Happy Vacation. Wish I had some bears in captivity!

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