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!! OMG, he wears make-up: Mitt Romney !!

We all knew Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a flip-flopper and all-around asshole, but what didn’t we know about this pretty boy? Yes, he’s a Mormon. We knew that too, though whether he wears the Sacred Underwear remains to be seen.
The latest news is that the pretty boy goes the extra mile to obtain extreme prettiness with $300 make-up consultations. Now all we need to find out is that Jay Manuel was somehow involved… (via Feyfriends)

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    I sure as hell do not agree with his politics and think he is a big ass flip flopper. Now having said that, I would hit that in a minute! He is one hot 60 yr. old man! Yum!

    Interesting that you mention this but fail to mention John Edward’s $500 haircut. Obviously there is no bias here…

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