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!! OMG, he’s foxy: Lance Bass’s new BF !!

Former N’SYNCer Lance Bass is back in the extremely public gay relationship saddle with his new beau, Brazilian model Pedro Andrade. If these relationships aren’t just publicity stunts, then Lance must possess some otherworldly magnetism. It’s either that or his enormous Personality.
See another sexy photo of Pedro after the jump.

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    Or Tight Buns

    omg. He’s gorgeous and exotic to boot. Lucky lance.

    I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why models like Reicken & this guy are with Lance Bass. It’s not for his good looks and charm, or lack there of.
    Fair play to Lance for at least taking full advantage. What a bottom.

    He’s WAY hotter than the pathetic media whore Reichen! Go Lance!!!

    I’ve met Pedro, and not only is he sexy but he’s also a really nice guy. Good for Lance…

    That is one pretty young boy.
    Lance scored big time……..
    Jack Jett

    when lance has finished with this one i will have him. much prefer the black budgie smugglers than the green. boy is he going to look good on the end of my cock.

    I don’t get it. This guy is hot, Reichen is hot, and Lance looks like the retarded love child of K D Lang.

    too skinny for me…not enuf beef

    Yawn. And surely there are better openly gay men these publicity whores can date than equal publicity whore Lance Bass.

    Lance does have a thing for camwhores, doesn’t he? At least this one isn’t named Reichen. Reichen. WTF kind of name is that? Oh, right, the kind of name a vain clubstitute gives to himself.

    He is absolutely gorgeous. Now I wonder if he’s taken any ‘artistic’ photographs.

    lance bass is sorry excuse for a gay guy, he isn’t that damn special

    Pedro is his new boyfriend?!?! That’s HILARIOUS! I’m going to be sure to ask him about this when I see him at the gym. I’m ROCKING with laughter!

    How is he getting on these hotties? This 1 is hotter than the last. Lance bass is not that hot.

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