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!! OMG, he’s naked: Antonio Banderas !!

Antonio Banderas has been practicing taking it off the camera since his barely legal days. After the jump, there is full chronicle of Antonio’s naked body over the years and you have to hand it to the man, he always looks good.
See a lot of caps after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge.
And even though I first saw this one when I was a teenager, I’m still not sure if it’s fake:
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    Let’s hope he trims that bush. EW!

    Sorry, but that last photo has been thoroughly researched and found not to be Mr. Banderas, although many wish it were, especially Melaine Griffith!
    Us “guys” know our celebrity porn!!

    I didn’t recognize him with that strange curly hair. It’s not as flattering as his later straighter locks.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t trim that bush. YUM!

    what a huge cock head

    the head of that cock would bring a tear to any girls eye.mel must be 1 very happt lady.not only is he good looking but he has a big cock, which is always nice on a man.

    that last photo is definitely not real if the others are! i actually like antonio with the more realistic/actual cock. he looks very boyish and sexy.

    Melanie G. puts that big bicho head in her mouth with her big, fake-ass lips!!!

    Even if it’s not Antonio, whoever it is is pretty darn fine.

    Austin, some guys still like bush…it’s fun to bury your face in it. yum!

    can’t quite tell if he’s circumcised or just wearing his foreskin back in third pic – looks like the former!

    Didn’t he pose nude for playgirl once? I remember him posing nude/semi nude for a women magazine.

    I personally like the bush!! oo boy… I think he is the hottest man ever to live. but is there anyway you could move mambo kings and law of desire down below original skin. I love the first pic and that one… together *cough* just saying… thanks again!! these are so steamy!!

    ohmahgod. he is sooooooooo fine. especially his penis in the first pic and his hairy chest and cute ass in original skin.
    also: I think that in the first pic he isn’t circumscized, yet in the last he is?? just saying.

    what a guy love that beautiful cock,great body and looks,would love a night with him,what bliss it would be,love latinos,like to get that movie lawof desire joe

    i love that penis!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not see anything gay.. I see art, sentuality, passion, texture, grace and strength.

    I thought Antonio was hot. Now he’s Not!!! Sick!!!

    that penis is gorgious… it is a beautiful mushroom head penis

    en ese culo bien formado le pongo una enema

    The last picture is real, but that’s not Antonio Bandaras. It’s a gay porn model named Adam Hammer.

    antonio , is so sexy , l want more nude photos , please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in the first pics he is young and has a beautiful uncircumcised penis, which he would not have had, hd be been born in the US. In the adult pic, his penis has the foreskin retracted to look circumcised and please the US public, who would have labeled he first penis as an “anteater”.

    Luis dice: a ese culo bien formado le pongo un enema. Yo digo: a ese culo bien formado lo penetro hasta el fondo sin parar hasta el orgasmo varias veces!

    what do pro-circ people in the US say about young Antonio Banderas uncut penis? What do the ladies say?

    Can somebody explain to me how that penis works, being uncut? I had never seen and uncut one? Can somebody explain?

    @Melissa – how the penis works? Melissa, you do know that it is “cut” penises that are not natural, don’t you? Men aren’t circumcised because their penis doesn’t “work” without it.
    “Uncut” penises “work” in the same way…

    Foreskins are so disgusting eat a spoonful of natural smegmas

    Young Antonio Banders has anawesome,very sexual uncut penis.no smegma since he is a clean actor-He is twice married and has had lots of affairs.Thatwould not be possible with the “smegma” US prejudice.And he is Spanish, not American, so he has been spared the surgeons knife at birth..

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