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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Nick Lachey !!

Life and Style caught Nick Lachey and his girlfriend naked sunbathing in Mexico, but weren’t courteous enough to show us the bits and pieces.
Well I found one uncensored photo for you, and it’s after the jump [NSFW], though it’s a bit blurry.
UPDATE: New photos from a different rag, barely censored, but also includes some racy hot tub sex photos!

NEW photos:
And just for fun:
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    Although most of “OMG He’s Naked” posting are pretty good. Is this pic good for you?

    Where is the front?

    Oh! So close!

    yeah he’s fucking hot, very fucking hot but do we really want jessica simpsons second hand goods.i suppose if he was scubbed with hydrocloric acid he would be ok. yeah clean him up & bring him to me. i’ll show him what a real men do in the bed room.

    please the butt shot is very poor, and not frontal.. so in my book this doesn’t count as being nude.
    Like so many other that you claim to be nude.

    I know there are better nude pics of him out there than this from the same set of paparazi pics, so LET’S SEE THEM ALREADY!! SHOW HIS COCK!!!

    yeah NUDE means no clothing & lots of cock. espeacialy when it comes to something this fucking hot. see if you can do better.we will give you a week to find some photos of his cock.


    I will take what I can get til better comes along. I think he is yummy. Freshed scrubbed manly frat boy squeezable goodness.
    I would love a Lachey boy sandwich with little Drew and big brother Nick.
    I hope he has a cute dick.

    yeah that’s not so much in the naked department… that could air on prime time tv

    “Naked” isn’t entirely accurate. Well, it is in the sense that everyone is naked under their clothes, but that isn’t particularly exciting.
    I’m sorry to say, this was a “miss”. I feel kind of let down. Like when you’re waiting for a phone call and when the phone does finally ring it’s a telemarketer.

    darn it!! i wanted to see if nick’s ass is as hairy as jessica said it was on their reality show.

    Not even naked a little bit. Tease.

    I think i want to have sex

    Nick Lachey is so hot, I really don’t care if they only show 80 percent of his ass

    I think Nick Lachey is really hot, if he got really drunk and needed a place to stay for a few nights until his hangover wore off I’d tell him he could stay here he could take my bed then while he’s passed out in it I would slowly creep in with a camcorder and record everything I do to Nick Lachey. I would then copy it to a dvd or tape so I could replay it whenever i wanted to. He is so hot with his tattoos, piercings and muscles all he needs now is to start smoking and a couple nude front shots and bam, he’d be the perfect man in my book….!

    Can someone please make me a fake naked pic or send me one thats already made of Nick Lachey

    I wanted to see some dick…as for his x saying he has a hairy ass..there is NO way, he is to hairless for that…she might have been talking about his butthole though which I heard he likes to have played with. YUMMM!!!!

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