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!! OMG, his bulge: Andy Roddick !!

What better way to go into the weekend than with a photo of tennis star Andy Roddick strutting around shirtless with a retarded look on his face and a visible cock line? See it after the jump. Happy Friday!

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    ..you’re weird…

    yea u just made my day… lol

    I want that!

    Ummm, looks kinda intsy, tinsy. Can I upgrade to a LARGER model??

    He “adjusts” himself constantly when he’s playing…..

    I have a friend who loves to watch the waggle of a dick in loose fitting sweats or shorts. I guess it’s a personal thing. Worthy of an OMG entry? Not quite sure.

    Hope it grows….alot

    oh my fucking god. he’s so hot. i’ll fill his ass cum & then suck his balls out through the eye of his cock. he is one of the most beatiful men on earth. he’ll be pretty messed up by the time i’ve finished with him though. hope his pants fall down on the court one day. oh that will make the world a beatiful place.

    you can’t judge it when it’s soft…
    penises can surprise you when they’re up…

    You can also see some really good bulge flapping on the episode of SNL that he hosted.

    OMG, The Things I’d Let Him Do To Me

    Super Hot (Super Small too, but still Super Hot!)

    For gay men, I’m surprised that posters don’t know that penises grow when they are played with, and sometimes when they are not being played with they go back into hiding, even the big ones!

    omg his so hot i love stroking it to that pic

    The people who post comments here are completely obsessed with penis sizes, or just pathetically depraved.
    It’s hard to come to fun websites like these to banter about celebrity nonsenses or giggle over interesting or cute stories with the kind of shallow perverts that lurk the comments.

    Nice work Tezzy! I couldn’t agree more! Andy is gorgeous and I think that we all would have few complaints rolling over in the morning to this hottie!

    strap2900, I hope you “grow up” alot! That is a beautiful man.

    Hate to disappoint you people, but having been to dozens of Andy’s matches and practice sessions, I can tell you that he wear black lycra tights under his tennis shorts at all times. Word of mouth (pun intended) is that he actually does have a very small d**k, but his gonads are the size of large almonds.

    wa……… if i get it … i wnt take any food … i vl drnk his cum always in my like………!

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