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!! OMG, they’re banned: These words !!

The boys at the PEN15 Club came up with a few words and phrases they’ve been hearing too much of lately, and I wanted to pass them along to do my part in bettering the pop cultural landscape:

Baby bump: We don’t like kids in real life, so we really don’t get all that excited when, say, Naomi Watts is about to have one. And if we were, we’d refer to her distended midsection as just that.
Canoodle: This insipid term almost always refers to straight couples who can’t keep their hands off each other and, in the words of Aunt Sassy, we don’t need to see that.
Bling: Or any other formerly-ghetto slang that Ryan Seacrest can deliver with a straight face.
Any gay-related compound noun beginning with “tea:” We’re under 60.

To the list I would add:
Celebrity compound nicknames (Brangelina, etc.): Turning two into one doesn’t make either more interesting.
Rehab: Ever since Mel Gibson went to “recover” from being an asshole, the word has lost all meaning.
Getting Cozy: See “Canoodle”

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    Oh, Oh, OH, I forgot the word that should be banned I hate the most- SOULMATE. gaggggggggggg

    this or that “changed my life”, “Closure”, “Diva” …add those

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