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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Keanu Reeves !!

Keanu Reeves used to be so hot before he came out as a bona fide nutjob. I remember with special fondness that quick flash of his hairy ass crack in The Devil’s Advocate. Come reminisce with me after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge.
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And here are a couple bonus images from an old photoshoot:

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    OK, butt shots and pubes DO NOT equal “nude”. What a let-down!

    I never understood the attraction for this guy. He can’t really act and he’s alright looking, but I wouldn’t cast him in a movie.

    Then what do they equal? He doesn’t have clothes on. What’s not “nude” about that?

    You gotta be kidding?

    I thought naked was supposed to be a see all.

    I thought you were going to use the word ‘nude’ more accurately. What is nude to you doesn’t seem to be ‘nude’ to the rest of us.

    To all of you with the constructive criticism, I hope you’ll send me the next image you find of Keanu Reeve’s cock so I can post it.
    You’ll have a hard time with that because one does not exist, but please let me know if it surfaces.
    xo F

    Jesus people if you want porn google it, I feel bad for this poor guy and his website. >:

    Ok people, where in the dictionary does it say nude = cock shot? technically he has a towel in the pictures but for all apparent reasons in the oldest shots he is “nude”! jeez!

    Re:>>He can’t really act and he’s alright looking, but I wouldn’t cast him in a movie.

    Nude yes, just not showing frontal. Let’s be level and contructive.


    Never really been a fan of his bud I did see this and enjoy it.Al Pacino was just chewing up every scene he was in.Almost over the top.

    OMG; This is the best site. Don’t front!

    Rock on Frank – I love your blog. The others can suck it.

    I haven’t been paying attention to Keanu and/or his exploits recently. What nut-jobby things has he done? Examples, please. 🙂

    WOW!!! Love it!!! Oh, If only he were gay …

    Where were those photos from?
    The ones from the “old photo shoot”? I think it’s from a Greg Gorman book, but not “As I See It”, “Volume 1”, or “Volume 2”, so which one? Does anybody know?

    very provocative i must say. gud to see these famous ppl like normal humans like us……….

    Real men don’t shave their asses.. Only fags do that..

    Frank….you prob have a skanky ass yourself…..fag is a bundle of sticks…you must be illiterate too!

    I love this classic picture Keanu Reeves nude. He has a really nice bum.

    Keanu Reeves is bisexual for anyone who doesn’t know. I’ve seen pix of him sucking cock before and he did make that movie about being gay. Do the math. He’s sucked a few dicks in his lifetime…

    Awww hell, I’d still do him. Bisexual? I’ll be trisexual just for him, as in ill try anything!! He’s still smoking hot to me!

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