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!! OMG, how humptastic: Peer Pressure !!

It turns out the leprechaun isn’t the only remarkable thing about Alabama. Meet Peer Pressure, an elite dance troupe of virile young men ready to bring you a pleasurable dance experience in public or private. Visit their MySpace page for booking info! (Thanks to Robert A. for the tip!)

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    I’d let em practice on me!

    That is sooooo silly,,,,,a whole bunch of horny young men, and all they wanna do is hump an ottoman!

    OMG….That Ottoman must smell FUNKED up like Hot Bologna. EWWWW.
    Satsifaxion needs to get gangbanged by All dem brothas. Then I’d belive this act.

    That poor ottoman. Love the black socks though.

    Filthy’s right!

    please please please tell me they are on the same whack ass crack that whitney smokes

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