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!! OMG, how vintage: Chris O’Donnell in leather !!

Some stylist back in the day tried to toughen up all-American pretty boy Chris O’Donnell, but even wearing leather pants, he just seems like he should be sipping a milkshake. See one more after the jump.

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    That ain’t leather, it’s pleather! Much easier to get messy stains off! I think this was taken around the time of him playing Robin, hence the outfit. Love ya, OMGdude!

    …and if he were sipping a milkshake, it’d be VANILLA!

    love him!!!

    He looks so old.

    I just saw C.D. @ Gino’s restaurant last week in NYC. He was by himself, wearing shorts and a blue polo and let me tell you…this man has gotten even better w/ age. He was GORGEOUS! Then I heard the next day he and wife are having their 5th!!! child. WOW

    You have GOT to be kidding me!
    Or at least you’re blind. What do you mean he looks old in these pics!!?? I feel like Chris Hansen from dateline NBC is going to bust me just for looking at these!!!
    THIS is your idea of old???!!!

    Nice feet Chris…: )

    nice bulge!

    OMG, he stole my aunt’s pants: Chris O’Donnell

    I want to do bad things to his pretty white feet and toes.

    he ages really well and gracefully. just look at his appearance on Grey’s.

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