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!! OMG, how vintage: Chris O’Donnell in leather !!

Some stylist back in the day tried to toughen up all-American pretty boy Chris O’Donnell, but even wearing leather pants, he just seems like he should be sipping a milkshake. See one more after the jump.

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    he ages really well and gracefully. just look at his appearance on Grey’s.

    I want to do bad things to his pretty white feet and toes.

    OMG, he stole my aunt’s pants: Chris O’Donnell

    nice bulge!

    Nice feet Chris…: )

    You have GOT to be kidding me!
    Or at least you’re blind. What do you mean he looks old in these pics!!?? I feel like Chris Hansen from dateline NBC is going to bust me just for looking at these!!!
    THIS is your idea of old???!!!

    I just saw C.D. @ Gino’s restaurant last week in NYC. He was by himself, wearing shorts and a blue polo and let me tell you…this man has gotten even better w/ age. He was GORGEOUS! Then I heard the next day he and wife are having their 5th!!! child. WOW

    He looks so old.

    love him!!!

    …and if he were sipping a milkshake, it’d be VANILLA!

    That ain’t leather, it’s pleather! Much easier to get messy stains off! I think this was taken around the time of him playing Robin, hence the outfit. Love ya, OMGdude!

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