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!! OMG, it’s Bear Force 1 !!

Forget the boy band, it’s all about the man band now. Bear Force 1 is the world’s first all-bear incarnation of The Backstreet Boys, and they’re taking the wedding circuit by storm with their covers of 80s synthpop hits, including one of my favorites: Sabrina’s “Boys, Boys, Boys.” (via Gawker)
Boys, Boys, Boys: REMIXED
Boys, Boys, Boys

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    Methinks this is a desperate attempt to reclaim their youth. And really, would any of them would actually sing like that? Milli-Vanilli, anyone?

    They’re so painfully bad that I wish I were earless. I hang my head at the lack of taste of my fellow gays.

    Heh. Cute video, but most of those guys are bears in the way that omgblog is a dessert topping. 🙂

    The one in the hoodie’s fucking hot. Do me daddy!

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