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!! OMG, what a man: Vladimir Putin !!

Steamy photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin that surfaced last week have the country in a state of turmoil. The gays and ladies are fighting over him!
From the Daily Mail:

…women who visited its website posted comments on Putin’s “vigorous torso” and said they “were screaming with delight and showering him with compliments.”

But the gays are having none of it. They want Putin for themselves!

Some claimed that Putin, by stripping to his waist, was pleading for more tolerance of homosexuality in Russia – where gays and lesbians are for the most part forced to remain closeted.

The beefcake photos were all taken while Putin was vacationing with Prince Albert II of Monaco in the Siberian mountains. So, to be clear, it was just the two of them up on top of that mountain taking nudie photos. Perhaps there is another story we aren’t aware of?
(via Dlisted)




    I think he’s hott…and you just know that he has a nice uncut thickie with a big war head.

    He looks good, particularly for a man of his age. However, anyone who’s “screaming with delight” has had one too many shots of, likely inferior, vodka.

    Prince Albert? How very saucy! I mean isn’t that the name for a pearcing…down there…?? OMG!

    No, just nooo!

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